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Odds and Ends

Drays Bay scored a big interview recently - they talked to possible 2007 #1 draft pick David Price.

Also, SethSpeaks has an interesting interview up with Twins reliever Pat Neshek.

Kevin Goldstein has his top 100 prospects list up at BP.  Look out for the Devil Rays.


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Drays Bay: Is there any type of pitch you would like to learn?

David Price: I'd love to learn how to throw a ball the hitter couldn't see. I think that would be pretty effective.

Kids a genius, lock him up.

and Whaaat? Yankees have 5 players in the top 100? and 1 on the "barely missed" part? Look out =P

agreed, hughes is going to be sick and sanchez will be very solid and i think we're only a couple years of damon away from seeing tabata in the outfield

they're building a respectable organization and as one of the many yankee Haters, i applaud them

People have been saying "Watch out for the Devil Rays and their can't-miss prospects" since 2001.

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