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Cubs Looking To Deal?

MLBTradeRumors.com has word from a reputable source that the Cubs are looking to make a deal.  They are after one more solid player, but I'm not sure what position they're trying to fill.

A possibly related piece of info is that a Cubs scout was in attendance at a recent Braves/Blue Jays spring game.  That pretty much sums up the extent of what I know; anything else would be speculation.

Browsing that box score, I'm not sure what would make sense.  Josh Towers is available and was on display, but how does that help the Cubs?  Jason Marquis can already post a 5.50 ERA.  The Cubs have Jacque Jones to spare, but neither the Braves not the Jays need a right fielder.  Take your best guess in the comments; I really don't know what could be cooking.  Please, no Andruw Jones speculation.


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Maybe something for Alex Rios? There was mild speculation this offseason the Jays might move him. Maybe Jacque Jones and a prospect. I'm just guessing here.

remind me again why toronto chose to give Wells big money and now wants to let Rios go on the cheap?

Because JP Riccardi has no idea what he's doing. Vernon's a good player, but that was a dumb extension.

I believe the Braves may be interested in Wade Miller. The Cubs are likely scouting prospects, not established players.

I agree , Vernon was overpaid. Rios is a good talent that i wouldn't move

The problem with the cubs is it is hard to determine what they are looking for. SP? spots1-4 seem locked up so why deal for a #5. CF? Cubs already have 4 starters for 3 spots with another spot needed for Pie when he is ready. RP? bullpen is not horrible - fairly solid actually- but unless they are getting a BJ Ryan they shouldn't be looking for a BP shift. 1B,2B,3B are locked for at least 3 yrs- plus have young backups down the road. SS? Itzursis is a good glove - don't think he is going anywhere. Catcher is the only thing I can think of - Barrett might be gone after the year via FA... perhaps we were looking at Salty from the Braves? Any other deal would have to involve 3rd team and Jacque Jones.

Although he didn't play in the game, I very much hope the cubs are thinking about Brent Lillibridge. Maybe Miller and Marshall go the other way? Although with the Redman signing, I don't know how interested the Braves would be about taking on another fringe back of the rotation starter. The cubs do have enough pitching prospects that should intrigue the Braves.

I don't think Vernon Wells was overpayed when you consider the contracts other players have been getting.

On top of that I think Josh Towers would be a sweet deal for any team that would look to aquire him. Basicly you'd get him for nothing. Towers has had 1 bad year and before that he would throw a low 4 era in the AL east.

I know towers doesn't have the m,ost impressive stuff or anything but this is a serious by Low kinda player that would make a Solid 5th starter for any team if he throws like he has in previous years. At the very least he would make good protection incase one of the starting 5 gets hurt.

Miller isn't going anywhere until Prior can prove himself - early June at earliest. right now Miller is the #5 guy

I don't see how the cubs could pry salty without either decimating their high end pitching prospects or trading Pie. I don't think the cubs want to do either. Especially considering they could get Weiters in the draft.

I agree that I think the cubs will take the risk adverse position and go with Miller to start the season with Prior rehabbing and Guzman in AAA. But if Guz keeps on doing what hes doing and Prior gains back the remaining velocity and gets some control, the cubs are going to have to deal Miller.

any chance the braves are looking to dump salary by trading e. renteria for izturis, miller, and or a pitching prospect or two? i dont think the cubs have much use for salty.

If cubs dealt Pie they better get back more than a .220 AA hitter ( who tore it up for 2 months to bring it that high). I think 2of the following would get Salty: Marmol, Ohman, Guzman, Eyre

Felix Pie is having a great spring. I think the Cubs are looking to trade Jones for a starter of some sort that can compete at 5. Prior has been terrible, Miller unimpressive, Marshall hurting, Cotts is a reliever that they are trying as a starter. Now we here that Angel Guzman is making a push for five. If they trade Jones, and Pie makes the team you go with Murton LF, Pie CF, Soriano RF, and on the bench Floyd and Pagan.

i would love to see pie make the team. he is worth his defense alone in cf.

No one wants Jones which is kinda baffling - he is cheap and will give you .270/20/80. Although most of his stats came when cubs were out of it and he is brutal in OF.

This is an interesting rumor indeed.

As of now, the Cubs have one spot left on the bench, and they could use some RH power there -- a guy to fill the Phil Nevin role of a year ago.

Beyond that, atop their wish list should be "of the future" types for SS and C. They could really use guys at these two spots that can plug right into the starting lineup beginning in 2008.

Salty would certainly be a nice fit for the Catcher piece of that puzzle, if he can be pried from the Braves for a reasonable price.

Cubs have Cedeno and Theriot as possible ss replacements so I think they arte gunning for Salty

Renteria sounds like a good idea.

I mean the wade miller situation makes sense, as the braves were looking for teams who have more than five starters. Now when I say more than five starters, Im speaking of teams whose starters have spent more than a year at the big league level. While the Idea of the braves trading salty for young arms seems intriguing, I think the braves want to see what salty can do this year now that he is healthy. If he does good, his trade value goes up, or the braves find some way to get him in the lineup in 08. We could use some young arms, but I think the the reason the cubs were at this game was that the clubs had talked to the cubs about trading, meaning the braves or jays initiated the conversation, not the other way around. However, the jays could use some young arms, so i could see the cubs inquiring about rios or reed johnson.

How much time can salty expect to see at the big league level this year? 100AB? McCann should be good for 130-140 games. I think Salty needs a full yr at AAA before worrying about his 08 playing time.

that is what i meant, get get him a full year being healthy in the minors and then see what he can do in the majors in 08

The Cubs don't really need Salty either. They have Jake Fox who is going to be capable of hitting 10 HR in the majors, even though his defense is terrible. He is actually a lot like Michael Barrett and will be able to pick up where he leaves off.

maybe the braves are fed up with hampton and have made some proposals and the scout was looking for some prospects for a package or something

Atlanta doesn't need no more starting pitching since they picked up Mark Redman. Edgar Renteria isn't going nowhere. The Braves do have a surplus of infielders.

Salty and Escobar and Hampton for W. Miller and Pie and Eyre or Guzman

Hampton and Salty and Diaz(RH Bench with Power) to Cubs
Pie and Davies and Escobar to Devil Rays
Carl Crawford to Braves

are you KIDDING?

that's ridiculous. Carl Crawford is good, but thats just crazy

If the Cub scout was looking at some one from the BJs, I haven't a clue as to who he was looking at. I don't keep up with the AL except for the White Sox, Red Sox & Rangers.

But the Braves are known to be looking for pitching and whether it's Starters or relievers, Righty or Lefty, veteran or rook, the Cubs have them available. The question is what YOUNG player played for the Braves that day, that the Cubs MIGHT be interested in????

Personally, I think this "scout" was on his way somewhere else, and couldn't get there so he stopped off at the closest game on a "busman's holiday"!!!!

Nobody wants Hampton and his enormous contract. The guy's trade value is negative -- a lot negative.

Put Hampton and Salty together and maybe you get a net positive, enough to get a decent relief pitcher or a b-list prospect or two. But Felix Pie? No chance.

Hampton and Salty and Diaz(RH Bench with Power) to Cubs
Pie and Davies and Escobar to Devil Rays
Carl Crawford to Braves

That is flat out crazy. There is no way the Braves would do that. So you're saying this.

Braves give: Salty, Davies, Hampton, Escobar, Diaz
Cubs give: Pie
DRays give: Crawford

The Braves are then left without 5 "starters" (didn't count Villareal, Cormier) are left without the best C prospect in the country, a good prospect in Escobar and Diaz?

The Cubs only give Pie.

You must be a Cubs fan...

I know it will never happen but how fair is something like this:

Pie, Patterson, Marshall to the Devil Rays
Crawford to the Cubs

Jones to the Phillies
Lieber to the Cubs

Rowand to Sox
Aardsma and Thornton to the Phillies

My guess would be the Cubs scout was there to see some of the Braves' players. I can't imagine anyone on the Blue Jays the Cubs would be interested in. Diaz would be a nice right handed bat for the Cubs. If they could somehow unload Jones to the Braves, it would allow Murton to play everyday and either platoon a guy like Diaz with Floyd or just have as a solid bat off the bench of Pie stays.

Escobar, Salty, Prado, and Pena are quite attractive prospects but I don't see the Braves giving any of them up unless they receive a top notch starter or someone who can be a replacement for Andruw next season. However, to me it would make little sense for the Cubs to trade Pie when that would leave them without a reliable third outfielder beyond 2008. Escobar is better than Izturius and Salty would most certainly be a viable replacement for Barrett but would that really be worth getting rid of Pie to the Cubs?

Perhaps, the Cubs are looking to unload Prior. This guy really just needs a fresh start. As a Braves fan, I would make a deal for Prior but Escobar and Salty would have to be off the table. Diaz, Orr, and Cormier would work for me, but the Cubs would have to add another piece. Sean Marshall or Carlos Marmoul could work.

Personally, I would like to see Jacque Jones as a Brave but for the Braves to take him the Cubs would have to eat a nice portion of that salary.

So this is what they mean by "Internet Rumor?"

The Cubs aren't looking for a catching prospect. They've got both Soto (defensive) and Fox (offensive). After the year Blanco had last year, I'd be happy with his defense behind the plate, too. That's if Barrett doesn't take a discount to stay, as he's said he wants to do everything in his power to stay a Cub.

The Renteria thing is pretty interesting, as beyond Theriot they don't really have anything down below for the future in that position. Even Theriot would be a stretch for SS starter.

I could see Toronto being interested in Renteria as they're currently looking at one Royce Clayton as their SS...could there be a Rios/Renteria deal in the mix somehow? Can Rios play CF or can Frenchy move to CF and cover the absence of Mr. Jones?

I just read that Javy Lopez was released by the Rockies. It sounds like he wants to be a starting catcher, but did say he would be a backup, but ONLY for the Braves. I doubt that this is related, but I could see the Braves signing Lopez to take Salty under his wing, and swing a deal of McCann to the Cubs for pitching. Comments?


Hey should I trade Ryan Howard for Soriano in a keeper pool?

I meant Soriano for Howard.

True, they don't NEED one, but who doesn't WANT an All-Star catcher who's going to be looking for work in a year? Did the Cubs really NEED Soriano? No, but when a quality player like that is available, and he will serve as an upgrade to your team, you don't sit back on your haunches and watch someone else make a move for him.

P.S. McCann led ALL catchers in batting average AND homeruns last year.

dave, no. mccann isnt going anywhere.

If I'm the Cubs and I can get a legit SS for Pie + anything, I do it in a heartbeat.

Don't get me wrong, I think that Felix is the real deal. It's just that if Soriano can adjust to CF, and I think he can somewhat, his bat will play much better there over the next few years. If Pie is going down to the minors, which it looks like he is, it's in the Cubs best interests, if they can parlay him into a real SS, to trade him.

Consider Pie+ for Renteria: If Johnson sticks at 2B (Braves fans, help me out) they have Lillibridge coming up, who, will be better than Renteria offensively and defensively this year (according to PECOTA).

It's obvious that the Cubs are in win-now mode, and have four solid outfielders not including Pie ... who would be a terrific no-cost replacement for A Jones, who you know the Braves aren't going to pay to keep. In fact, according to PECOTA once again, Pie will be more valuable than Jones by 2009, and relatively close until then (both 5-6 win players).

It would be another win for Scheurholz, but it would make the Cubs considerably better this year, by 2-3 probably. Like I said, future shmuture, that obviously has little bearing on what is going on, on the north side.

I enjoy this speculations, except for the ignorance of 5953 and marlinmania. I think the fact remains that if the there is a deal between the braves and the cubs, it could possibly be a middle infield prospect for the braves in exchange for pitching from the cubs. We do not have the payroll to take on jones, and renteria is not going to be traded because we already are breaking in two rookies in the infield. If you look at it, the braves and cubs have very few scenerios in which a trade is likely. That is why i am pretty confident that the jays where the team the cubs are scouting.

And i agree with plh, about that i would take pie in a heart beat for renteria, but that trade is not going to happen. Schuerholz trading for the bullpen we have and then starting 3 rookies on the infield would just not make very much sense at all, and i highly doubt that hendry wants to trade pie, the cubs best nonpitching prospect in years.

rios or pies would be a great pickup for the braves, but again, i just dont think that it is going to happen, because in both cases it would cost renteria, plus if the braves even cosidered trading renteria, they would want izturis and pitching more than likely, because trading renteria would be a move to cut payroll as well as get talent, and the cubs are not going to do pie and izturiz. In the case of Rios, i highly doubt, same as in the cubs case, that ricardi trades rios for renteria, because the jays need starting pitching, and the braves definately are not the team to be looking at, as we are having our own starting pitching woes. Again, just not a lot of things add up when you consider the braves trading renteria or targeting rios or pie

With all due respect, this is flat out wrong.

Geovano Soto can't hit. His ceiling is Henry Blanco.

And Jake Fox can't catch. Look for him to move to the OF very soon.

Unless they extend Barrett, they'll most definitely have to look outside the organization for their next starting catcher.

My personal theory is they're waiting to see who they get in the June draft to decide their next move here. If it's Matt Weiters, then you go that direction, and find a one-year stopgap for 2008. If not, you go another direction, either with a trade or a signing, or by extending Barrett.

What do you think Barrett and Blanco are? Until very recently (and he still isnt good) Barrett could not field and Blanco could not hit! Those two players are the catchers of the future for the organization. But either way, I still think Barrett resigns.

In contrast to PLH, I don't trade Pie for anything. They already have to sign Zambrano long term, and Hendry knows that the 2009 payroll is practically all but taken up on like 5 players. Pie is invaluable to the Cubs right now. Renteria makes too much and isn't signed long enough. The cubs wouldn't mind more offense, but they certainly don't need it, they need defense. That is why Izzy is there, as shitty as he is offensively. A GG shortstop is worth a lot more on a team like the cubs, which are focused on offense in nearly every other position.

The only way I see anything going down with Renteria is something like:

Braves get Izzy, Guzman, Jones

Cubs get Renteria

Money is about the same, Braves get a SS to play now, and while he can't hit, he is a GGer, which means he wouldn't hurt them too much. Jones could help them, and he only makes like 5 mil a year, so why do you say that the cubs would have to take some of that? He is already valuable for the money they are paying him. I think that is a good trade for both teams if the braves see what I do in Guzman this year....but some don't think he is worth that much...

I think everyone here is thinking a little too big.

My guess is that the cubs were looking at Yunel Escobar who there have been rumors that he would be traded because the braves have a glut of middle infield prospects. I would think the braves would want an okay pitching prospect who could start this year to add to their depth in case of injury like a Sean Marshall.

Salty is going no where, McCann is going no where, Salty can and will play 1B if he has to next year if not him and McCann alternate catching to keep them both fresh as the other plays 1B.

The braves also do not need relievers, they already have 3 too many.

"The cubs wouldn't mind more offense, but they certainly don't need it, they need defense. That is why Izzy is there, as shitty as he is offensively. A GG shortstop is worth a lot more on a team like the cubs, which are focused on offense in nearly every other position."

Yeah but what they should be focused on is getting the most runs out of every position, defense and offense are really immaterial to that end. The fact is that while Izturis is better than Renteria on defense, most likely that he will perform that way, this year, anyway; Renteria is that much better on offense that his cumulative effect on the team is a net gain of 20-30 runs. Which translates into another 2-3 wins, like I said upthread.

Of course as a Cubs fan you want Pie to be untouchable, he is probably going to be a special player. Or at least Mike Cameron or something. Anyway, since there are 4 outfielders vying for playing time, with Theroit and DeRosa able to play out there as well, the team is most obviously upgraded at SS -- in the here and now.

To reiterate: If I were a Cubs fan I don't think I would be thrilled about the move, but you are talking about being considerably better this year, and from what Hendry has been doing this offseason, obviously 2009 is not a concern.


I think that stemmed from the 'looking for one more SOLID player.' I wouldn't consider any backups or prospects as solid...that's why they are prospects. The Renteria thing came more out of Toronto's need for a SS and the Braves possibly cutting some $$$ by shipping out Renteria.

As for the Izzy/Guzman/Jones for Renteria...I'd either do it if they took out Guzman or added someone from the Braves. A Gold Glove, A Decent Bat and a former top prospect is a high price for Renteria alone. The Cubs would be selling low on Guzman, though. Of course, that's par for their course...

Like I said, I see Toronto/Atlanta being more of a fit than Cubs/Either Team.

Is it just me or does no where in the article it mention a possible blue jays and Braves trade. It was a Blue Jays vs. Braves game with cubs scouts in attendance!

>What do you think Barrett and Blanco are?

I think Barrett is a 30 YO free agent to be, and Blanco is a 35 YO career backup.

Curious, which of those two do you see wearing the "catcher of the future" label?

Whoever said that the cubs should get more back for pie than salty should realize that topprospectalert has Pie as #53 and Salty as #40. BP has Pie #42 and Salty #51. Roto has them close as well with Pie at #28 and Salty at #33. They are very close in terms of outlook. I'd give Pie the slight advantage, but nothing major. Salty did have a bad half last year but it was a result of injury. He did OPS 913 the year before. Roto ranked him 19 going into 2006 and Pie 28. I don't think its a trade that will happen as rarely two top prospects get exchanged, but it makes a lot of sense given the current personel at their position of their respective teams. And Jake Fox is not going to stop anyone from trading for Salty, puhlease. He had a good 2006 because he repeated A+ for the first half. Don't get me wrong, I like him, but he wouldn't stop me from acquiring a guy like Salty.

I'm sorry, but get Salty outta here. I'll take Pie any day and twice on Sunday. You just CANNOT trade a guy that has Beltran potential. Like PLH said earlier, his low point is Cameron, which is still a need for the Cubs. Pie has everything for his age that shows a legit 5 tool player. By legit, I mean very good at EVERYTHING. You don't trade that, I'm sorry. I know Salty is good too, but there is no reason to make a trade when you have everything you could ever hope for in a top prospect. I'm happy with Barrett for another 2 years, or trading for a young gun. Salty is just not worth Pie to me.

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