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Mets Writer Found

MLBTR is proud to welcome John Peterson as our new Mets correspondent.  Look for John's first post sometime today or tomorrow, and expected increased Mets coverage on the site.  As you know, I'm carefully selecting writers for each club.


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Do us proud Johnny! Just, don't stink it up.

Welcome Mr. Peterson. You must be our good luck charm, as the Mets just EXPLODED for 7 runs in the 8th inning against the Phillies.

What a game :)

great Mets home opener today- is it too soon to say that the Phillies have a putrid bullpen?

good. a great franchise like the mets deserve extra coverage. what a great team. great f'in team.

hey roto, can you find a yankees correspondent please?

Is the wall-to-wall Yankees coverage on ESPN and FoxSports just not enough for Yankees fans?

Excellent point Mr. Cub, you have every major media outlet saturated in Yankee news. We can just read ESPN if we want to know if Jeter is having a light day or a heavy bloated day.

Welcome J. Peterson. Please don't write the words "Jose Reyes" unless your talking about the B-Mets catcher or a 10-year contract extension.

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