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ESPN’s Jayson Stark has his latest Rumblings and Grumblings column up, and it’s chock full o’ rumors.

  • Stark speaks to one NL exec who thinks any Barry Bonds trade rumor is hogwash.  That source believes that there would be no market for him.  Personally, I don’t buy it.  There would only be $8MM or so left on the deal, and as a two-month DH Bonds could make a huge impact on a contender.  And he did indicate he’d waive his no-trade clause.
  • Word is that the Mets wouldn’t trade Lastings Milledge for an impending free agent – Mark Buehrle included.  Milledge could go in a Dontrelle Willis deal though.
  • The Braves are seen as a more likely suitor for Buehrle, once he’s truly made available in a week or two.  Atlanta won’t settle for a Mike Maroth type.  What would the Braves give up for Buehrle?  Kenny Williams should pry away Jarrod Saltalamacchia if he can.  Otherwise a package involving Brent Lillibridge or Brandon Jones would make sense.
  • Meanwhile, the market on Jermaine Dye seems tepid.  It would help if he was healthy and hitting.  Ah, alliteration.
  • Stark debunks the popular Ken Griffey Jr. to Atlanta rumor.  He says the Braves aren’t looking for big contract commitments and are more focused on pitching than offense.  Rightfully so.
  • The Yankees have added Scott Hatteberg to their list of first base targets.  As if they needed more OBP. 

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