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Molony's Latest: Willis, Encarnacion, Sowers

MLB.com's Jim Molony has his daily rumor summary up; check it out.  New rumors:

  • Molony's sources say the Marlins are now listening to offers for Dontrelle Willis.  Might as well - what if the Mariners decide to offer Adam Jones?  Many folks remain enamored of Willis's talent, if not his recent numbers.
  • The Cardinals could shop Russ Springer or Juan Encarnacion.  Springer is unlikely to be traded, however, because he has his son going to a specific school in St. Louis and the Cardinals respect that.  Encarnacion is hitting decently at .293/.329/.471; it might be high time to unload the $6.5MM he's owed next year.
  • Something seems to be going on in Cleveland; GM Mark Shapiro has been in Buffalo watching Jeremy Sowers and Aaron Laffey.  Laffey was nearly called up recently.  Not much talk about trading Sowers previously, but he might be an interesting chip.  He's similar to Kevin Slowey. They might find success in the NL.
  • The Tigers sent scouts to watch Joe Koshansky and Ian Stewart of the Rockies (rumor originated in the Denver Post).  Not sure how those two teams match up, but a cheap Koshansky might be worth a look for Detroit at first base next year.  Unless Carlos Guillen moves over.


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Sowers would make sense for the Braves

Sowers should be starting in Cleveland over Cliff Lee.

Hmmm, that first comment was not good. I'm going to delete it.

You know, don't you think it's possible the Tigers were scouting I-Cubs overachieving LHP J.R. Mathes?

Do the Phillies jump in now that Utley is out 406 weeks? Makes a lot of sense. They can shift him to 3rd when Utley is back.

sorry, wrong thread...Thought this was the Wiggy thread.

Breaking News: Utley breaks hand... out 8 years :)

Willis Sucks!!!

Why does anybody still like Willis? What has he done since 2005? He has been a very mediocre pitcher since then!!! Adam Jones for Willis? Are you kidding me? If Bavasi does that he SHOULD BE FIRED ON THE SPOT!!!

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