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Kenny Williams Ready To Deal

This is going to be an incredible offseason, I just know it.  This is going to be a hot stove season for the ages.  White Sox GM Kenny Williams seems ready to dive right in, starting with the GM meetings on Monday.

Interesting notes from the above-linked Mark Gonzales article:

  • Josh Fields' position for 2008 will be revealed shortly, which seems to indicate a trade of Joe Crede on the horizon.  Fields will end up at third base or left field next year.
  • Outfielders Brian Anderson and Ryan Sweeney may be shopped.  Anderson is doing a nice job talking his way out of Chicago, and Williams notes that Anderson must be "disappointed over the opportunities he hasn't maximized."  Ouch.  Maybe the Marlins will take a flier.
  • Gonzales throws down the Crede for Johnny Damon idea I've been pushing here repeatedly.  This idea is spreading!


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Haha...I still wouldn't like it. Sure it makes the team better, but at too high a financial price. It's more of an MVP Baseball 2005 type deal...but I guess you could say that about everything we throw out here. It just seems Crede could be traded for a prospect or reliever and then sign an outfielder.

Tim, that was the most enthusiastic opening to a story I have ever seen on here. Atta boy, i am ready to go as well. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

Kenny Williams seems to help this site out a lot.

I couldnt agree with bravesbeast more! I'm so ready for the season between seasons to start! Let the rumors flow and let the trades begin!

Guys, the season's already started; the trades have already begun. If you didn't notice, Detroit and Atlanta kicked it off last week....

mraver we know, but that was not evening the tip of the iceberg, i cannot wait for the jesse orasco comeback story in march

kenny williams is finally ready to deal? He is only like 5 months too late

I repeat, KW will NOT deal Crede for Damon straight up, even with cash included.

Sounds more like a Twins fan wet dream than an actual rumor.

I predict Crede to Boston for Crisp.

Then Lowell signs with the Yankees.

I hope the White Sox start clean. Trade away Konerko, Garland, Contreras, Dye, Crede, Pierzynski, Thome, and every other veteran player. This team cannot contend with just a few minor tweaks, and they dont have the prospects to make big moves. Retool this team completely like the Marlins. I'm sure Konerko would get a huge bounty from a team like the Angels, and just about every player i listed would have solid to good value considering the free agent market.

I hope kw goes after A-rod............. We need an impact bat in the middle of that order and it would send a great messege to the fans!!

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