Odds And Ends: Royals, Rockies, Rhodes, Braves

Let’s round up some remaining links in this lazy Saturday afternoon:

  • The Royals DFA’d Yasuhiko Yabuta. The White Sox had tried to sign the Japanese reliever last winter but were unsuccessful. Yabuta was 1-3 with a 5.46 ERA and had signed a two-year, $6MM deal with Kansas City.
  • The Rockies tried desperately to acquire a fifth starter before the non-waiver deadline but couldn’t match-up with the Mariners for Jarrod Washburn or the Nationals for Tim Redding; and Paul Byrd had Colorado on his no-trade list. The Rockies will continue to look for a starter via waiver wire claims.
  • Arthur Rhodes was shocked when he learned he had been traded to the Marlins. ”There had been a lot of talk about me being traded to a couple of other teams, but I guess Florida wanted me more."
  • The Braves DFA’d back-up catcher Corky Miller yesterday, and Royce Ring today.
  • Also today (and in that Ring link), the Astros DFA’d Chad Paronto.

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