Cardinals Looking To Add Bat, But No Deal Imminent

Joe Strauss of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch spoke to Cardinals president Bill DeWitt Jr., who acknowledged that the team is looking to add another bat, but says not to expect a move anytime soon.

"There are possibilities here and there, but nothing compelling," DeWitt said regarding a middling pool of available trade possibilities. "There remain some clubs that now perceive themselves in the race that may fall out and move talent. But you can't be certain of the market."

Strauss mentions that the Indians, A's and Astros all have been playing better of late, so they could be the clubs that DeWitt is referring too. He also acknowledged that the team's better than expected attendance gives them some financial flexibility "if the right situation were to occur."

The Cards have been connected to Miguel Tejada recently, but it's unknown if the team has that kind of flexibility.

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