Olney’s Latest: DeRosa, Nationals, Bay

Buster Olney's latest blog post is up:

  • Mark DeRosa is "a perfect fit for the Cardinals" and the Indians "got exactly what they wanted" in Chris Perez says Olney.
  • Olney says the expectation is that a flurry of signings will occur in final 3 days leading up to the August 17 deadline due to "enormous pressure on teams to stay within the slotting recommendations set by the commissioners office." Here's a quick explanation of slot recommendations.
  • In response to the Nyjer Morgan/Lastings Milledge rumors, Olney says Washington is determined to purge their system of dysfunctional players.
  • Olney suggests Jason Bay is on pace to land a 4 year, $60MM or 5 year, $70MM contract.

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