Odds & Ends: Gaston, Cardinals, Rays

Happy Halloween!  Remember to drive carefully tonight.  Let's check out some links…

  • As expected, Cito Gaston announced Saturday that he will step down as Blue Jays manager after the 2010 season and begin a four-year tenure as an organizational consultant. "I think maybe I can probably help the organization as far as being an advisor," Gaston said (via MLB.com's Jordan Bastian). "It's something that I want to do in my life — just step back and maybe do something different besides manage."
  • Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune believes the Cardinals are deserving of the title "Franchise of the Decade" for the way they've consistently put together winning teams while working with a middle-of-the-road payroll.
  • Steve Slowinski of DRaysBay.com breaks down several trades from Tampa Bay's past. "Like middle-school history teachers always say," he writes,"'You can't know where you're going until you know where you've been."

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