Cubs Talk: Bradley, Trades vs. Free Agency

The GM meetings kick off today in Chicago, though free agents are stuck talking only to their current team until November 20th. As a result, the days ahead figure to be filled with plenty of trade talk, and Milton Bradley is certainly one of the higher profile players on the block. It's only natural that his name popped up this morning. 

We heard back in October that "multiple teams are in contact with the Cubs" about Bradley, and now a source tells Gordon Wittenmyer of The Chicago Sun Times that "at least three more interested parties contacted the Cubs in the last week or so." Wittenmyer also mentions the Cubbies figure to be more involved in trades than free agency this winter.

''I think you'll see a lot of that,'' Hendry said. ''At the same time, I think the free-agent world will be a patient market like it ended up being last year, and some good players will probably be available as the winter progresses. We'll be looking to trade some pieces to get some pieces.''

We've already seen some speculation that the Cubs could bolster their bullpen through trades.

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