Discussion: Is Marquis Perfect Fit On Mets?

Jason Marquis, native of Staten Island, has made no secret of his desire to pitch for the Mets, describing himself as a "perfect fit" to Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

But is this the case? 

The Mets themselves aren't sure, ranking Marquis below both John Lackey and Joel Pineiro on their pitching wish list, according to Hubbuch.

Marquis' strengths are durability and his hitting. Both, particularly the former, would be something the Mets could use.

However, Marquis will likely command a sizable contract, particularly after making the 2009 All Star team. Is a big investment worth it for a pitcher whose strikeout rate over the past three years is just 4.9?

More to the point, if the Mets don't improve their defense, would Marquis or any pitcher that pitches to contact (such as Pineiro) be a good choice for New York?

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