Mets Trying To Void Waiver Claim On Jay Marshall

The Mets are trying to void the waiver claim they made on lefty reliever Jay Marshall because of a pre-existing shoulder injury, reports Adam Rubin of The New York Daily News. Marshall was claimed from the A's back in early January, and the commissioner's office is looking into the matter.

Marshall, 27 next week, missed 32 days at the end of last season with tendinitis in his throwing shoulder. In 49.1 big league innings, he's posted a 7.66 ERA with more walks (22) than strikeouts (19), though his minor league numbers are more than respectable. 

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  1. Guest 5 years ago

    Why? They should just put him on the DL and let him recover from the shoulder injury.

    • TheFilibuster 5 years ago

      Why would they do that if they don’t want and don’t need him? that makes zero sense to keep him, let him rehab, then do what with him? if he had a bum injury from before and the Mets didn’t know then they have every right to get rid of him…your logic makes no sense.

      • Guest 5 years ago

        Because I don’t think that he’s worthless at all.

  2. riverahammerofgod 5 years ago

    can you void a waiver claim, i try to google it, but found nothing

    • Guest 5 years ago

      It has to go through the commisioners office first I think. I mean anything is really possible right?

  3. TheFilibuster 5 years ago

    So if you bought something and found out it was broken you wouldn’t want a refund? I don’t see how there is anything wrong with voiding a contract when an injury existed that wasn’t either known or, more likely, admitted to before.

    • iwishihadaclue 5 years ago

      Nothing wrong with voiding the contract, BUT if his injury really isnt serious..he’s cheap..and had respectable minor league numbers then whats the issue? They traded for Putz last year..gave up players, and paid a much higher salary and never gave him a physical according to Putz. They have one lefty reliever right now, maybe 2 if one of those Japanese pitchers turns out to be any good. Teams paid Wang, Sheets and Bedard millions and they wont be ready for opening day.

  4. Mike, Theriot lost his arbitration case to the Cubs. He’ll get $2.6 million in 2010.

  5. Larry, there’s no way you could say that Marshall was a “key” addition, he was a longshot to make the roster even before we got more pitchers after him.
    I read that if the Mets sign Barajas, they will have to clear a spot on the 40-man roster, this may be them trying to get a few bucks back instead of just outright releasing someone.

  6. If Marshall missed 32 days at the end of the 2009 season because of a shoulder injury and the Mets claimed him in January how could they have NOT known about the pre-existing shoulder injury. If the Mets were aware of the shoulder injury and still signed him they can’t go back on their waiver claim. If the Mets were unaware of the September shoulder injury, then too bad for them for not doing their homework.

    • icedrake523 5 years ago

      A waiver claim is not the same as a signing.

  7. Robert Gaito 5 years ago

    Tough luck for the Mets I say. You can’t just go around claiming guys off waivers and demanding a do over when one of those guys turns out to be hurt. I agree with J-Bro here, I think that they’re trying to save some money instead of outrighting someone.

    As for Marshall, he never really amounted to much, as his stats reflect, but there was always hope for him. If it turns out he does go back to the A’s, I expect they would immediately outright him again, seeing as there is absolutely no spots open in our bullpen right now.

  8. WolandJR 5 years ago

    What an inept franchise. LOL!

  9. WolandJR 5 years ago

    What an inept franchise. LOL!

  10. switchhitingjesus 5 years ago

    I want him I dont want him i want him i dont want him.

  11. VinnyG917 5 years ago

    I dont think Marshall was considered a key move. Escobar, and Igarashi were the key relievers brought in this year. In which case, one is still injured and the other has never played American big leagues, so it ends up being about the same

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