D’Backs, Marlins Unlikely To Pursue Juan Cruz

The Diamondbacks don't appear to have interest in bringing back reliever Juan Cruz, tweets MLB.com's Steve Gilbert, while Juan C. Rodriguez of The Sun Sentinel says not to look for the Marlins to have interest either. They'll be getting Brian Sanches back from the disabled list soon, and Florida hopes he can shore up their setup corps.

The Royals released the disappointing Cruz last week as part of a bullpen makeover, eating the $3.25MM he's owed this year plus the $500K buyout for his 2011 option. Any team can sign Cruz for the pro-rated portion of the Major League minimum. The 31-year-old posted a 5.50 ERA with a 7.3 K/9 in 55.2 innings for Kansas City.

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3 Comments on "D’Backs, Marlins Unlikely To Pursue Juan Cruz"

5 years 4 months ago

Why not? Cruz is probably better than the crap the Dbacks are throwing out there now.

5 years 4 months ago

Jim Henry’s phone is ringing……….
Jim Hendry: “Hello, this is trader Jim, got any slap-hitting middle infielders I can take off your hands?”
Carlos Zambrano: “Jim, dude, this is Carlos man, did you hear Juan Cruz is available?”
Jim Hendry: “Juan Cruz? Can he play shortstop and does he have a sub standard OPS… whatever the hell OPS means?”
Carlos Zambrano: “No Jim, he’s a reliever dude, he can take my place in the bullpen and I can go back to starting.”
Jim Hendry: “Oh, then we don’t need him, we need slap hitting shortstop…. Wait, Dusty isn’t here anymore is he?”
Carlos Zambrano: “No Jim, he’s been gone now like 3 or 7 years or whatever now dude.”
Jim Hendry: “Oh. Then does this Cruise guy hit left handed? Cause we need a left handed hitting right fielder don’t we? That Parker Brothers guy went home or something didn’t he?”
Carlos Zambrano: “No Jim, you traded him. We got that guy that likes birds or something so we could play that left handed hitting right fielder in right field again. What was his name? Fuk-u-do-me or something?”
Jim Hendry: “Who? Does Lou like this Cruse guy? Lou likes him right? Who’s his agent? Get him on the phone for me Dempster!”
Carlos Zambrano: “No Jim, I’m Big Z, I’m on the phone with you now.”
Jim Hendry: “Who? Did this Crews guy play for the Pirates? Cause if he did I’ll sign him right now.”
Carlos Zambrano: “Whatever dude, I can’t wait till you trade me for someone else who’s overpriced so I can start again. All those extra innings give me more chances to melt down and remind everyone that I’m a head case and stuff.”
Jim Hendry: “You’re a head case? I’ll sign you right now! You gotta accept a no trade clause though, and you’re only getting 40% above market, got it?”
Carlos Zambrano: “No way dude, I’m all mature and stuff now, I gotta be worth 50% above market, at least dude.”
Jim Hendry: “Sold! Haha, sucker. Hey have you heard of this Howard Ryan guy? I hear he’s pretty great and stuff cause he’s getting paid like he plays for the Cubs, think I should trade for him now? What do you think Rudy?”
Carlos Zambrano: “Who?”
Jim Hendry: “Who?”

5 years 4 months ago