Rockies May Pursue Infield Depth

Tracy Ringolsby of FOX Sports reports that the Rockies received some bad news today, finding out Troy Tulowitzki has broken his left wrist and will likely miss at least the next six weeks. While the Rockies can't hope to sufficiently replace their superstar's production, GM Dan O'Dowd said the team may look into trading for infield depth, according to Troy Renck of the Denver Post.

Yesterday, we examined another club that might need a shortstop: the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels have since expressed optimism about Erick Aybar's health, meaning an infield acquisition probably won't be necessary. However, many of the same names we mentioned as possibilities for the Halos could be options for the Rockies. Stephen Drew is an unlikely target for a team in need of a stopgap solution, but the Rockies could look at players like Adam Everett, Cesar Izturis, Omar Vizquel, and Ryan Theriot.

In the meantime, former first-round pick Chris Nelson has been called up to replace Tulowitzki on the roster, and Clint Barmes and Jonathan Herrera should see increased playing time. If they're unable to contribute more offensively than they have to date, the Rockies could be forced to make a move.

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  1. hey tulos injury is better than falling down the stairs from carrying groceries

  2. noooooooooo not tulooo!! i got him on a few fantasy teams =/

  3. Before the Rockies go out and acquire someone wouldn’t it be worthwhile to see what, if anything, they can get out of calling up Kaz Matsui? I’d think at this point there is little to lose by playing Barmes at short and some combination of Matsui/Mora at second.

    Granted, Matsui struggled mightily in Houston and looked like he had little to nothing left to provide to an organization and I realize that Mora has really never been much of a middle infielder (having played primarily at 3B and LF in his career) but it’s a risk worth taking before they go out and give up something/someone of value to acquire a stopgap.

    Of course, if EY Jr wasn’t injured then this wouldn’t even be a consideration as they’d finally have a place to play him consistently. But that’s another matter altogether.

    • Redhawk 5 years ago

      Kaz is hitting .231 so far in AAA, and Col. Springs and the Pacific Coast are both known for inflating hitters numbers.

      They said on the radio, that the Rockies wanted to give Kaz more time in AAA to get things fixed. I took that as “we want to make sure he doesn’t stink on ice”

  4. blackandorangepride 5 years ago

    want edgar renteria? we don’t

  5. So does it make sense to try and make a big deal with the Dbacks? I know they’re within the division but why not try to make a blockbuster deal with them? I’d love to see Kelly Johnson and Dan Haren in Colorado.. This would put a bit more consistent power at 2nd well as help a struggling rotation behind Jimenez… and if we would get Johnson, slide barmes over to SS until Tulo returns….It would be a huge upgrade to the team..but it may cost a bit more depth in a trade than the organization would be willing to part with.

    • colorados GM has a great relationship with arizona and theyre essentially out of contention and becoming sellers so i think a deal for kelly johnson is very, very possible. however i dont think the rockies have the right prospects to get haren

    • mkorpal 5 years ago

      Struggling rotation? I’d take any starter on the Rockies minus Cook over Haren right now.

  6. splitmaple 5 years ago

    hammel just extended his scoreless inning streak to 25 innings tonight. Francis,Cook and chacin all have showed they can pitch and George of the Roses will be back. The rotation is not great right now but I wouldn’t panic.

  7. splitmaple 5 years ago

    Hammel’s scoreless streak just hit 25 innings. Francis, Cook an Chacin can pitch. All three have had issues recently but don’t write them off. George of the Roses will be back also. I love Haren but he has a history of having a poor second half.

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