Rosenthal On Twins, Lee, Dodgers, Nats

Let's dive into the latest edition of Full Count from Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports..

  • A major league GM told Rosenthal that he expects the Twins to be the most active team at the deadline.  While many in the industry expect the club to be players for Cliff Lee, their officials are telling teams that they have other priorities.  Their greater need is at third base while they may also shop for bullpen help.  However, the Twins are in a very strong financial position as they had insurance on Joe Nathan's contract.  If they can recover half of that deal, they'll take in $5.6MM.  On top of that, the box office numbers in their new home, Target Field, are very solid.
  • Speaking of Lee, Seattle is telling clubs that they want young hitters in return for the ace.  It's a desire that could be a hurdle for several interested clubs.  The Mets, for example, wouldn't part with Ike Davis in order to land the hurler on a rental.  Meanwhile, the Dodgers wouldn't want to give up Matt Kemp or James Loney
  • Rosenthal adds that the Dodgers may have a hard time landing the elite starter that they seek.  The Astros are looking for financial relief and top prospects in return for Roy Oswalt.  Pulling off a deal for Dan Haren of the Diamondbacks could prove to be difficult as Arizona likely doesn't want to trade him within the division.
  • Nats GM Mike Rizzo told Rosenthal that the team could be both buyers and sellers at the trade deadline.  Rizzo says he's under no orders to trim payroll and could take on salary if it meant taking on a long-term asset.  Right now, the Nats have five starters on the disabled list, including Jordan Zimmermann.  Once he comes back, the club will have two young power pitchers and more depth to work with.
  • If the Rockies make a move to fill the void at shortstop after losing Troy Tulowitzki to injury, they might only sign someone like Adam Everett to serve as insurance in Triple A.

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