Manager Rumors: Baker, Torre, La Russa

Looking ahead to the offseason, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports opines that as many as ten teams could be searching for new managers. Let's check out the latest updates on a few of the National League's current skippers….

  • In his newest Full Count video, Rosenthal suggests that Dusty Baker will likely have a handful of suitors if the Reds decide they can't afford to give him a raise next year.
  • Adding that Jerry Manuel is looking more and more like a "goner," Rosenthal says the Mets may be the only team Joe Torre would consider managing if the Dodgers' skipper doesn't return to Los Angeles.
  • For his part, Torre tells's Ken Gurnick that he won't announce his plans for next year while the Dodgers are still in contention for the playoffs. Having dropped their last three games, the team now sits 6.5 games back in the wild card hunt.
  • Tony La Russa also won't discuss his plans for next season yet, but admits to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Twitter link) that he's been weighing his options.

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28 Comments on "Manager Rumors: Baker, Torre, La Russa"

5 years 16 days ago

LaRussa and Baker will be back. Torre will not.

5 years 16 days ago

Were watching a few good managers retire after this year with Pinella, Cox, and Torre (probably) hanging it up. I hope LaRussa sticks around with the Cards though, he is a terrific manager and I don’t think I can take the news of another good skipper departing :'(

5 years 16 days ago

As much as I despise TLR, I want him back because his coaching staff is where it’s all at.

Otherwise, I’d welcome Torre back to stl with open arms.

I really don’t care what TLR does…just don’t go to the cubs.

5 years 16 days ago

Tony is a great manager. He’s not the greatness of Whitey Herzog, but pretty damn great.

Stay Tony and let Dave Duncan and Marty Mason stay with you.

5 years 16 days ago

You can take Torre right now! He’s already given up on this season with LA, he might as well move on and start making his way back east.

5 years 16 days ago

I’ve never heard of a Curveball hating a manager…

Anyway, I think there is a good chance that Tony La Russa returns. If anything, I don’t think Joe Torre would be a good fit with the Cards, even though that is his old team.

5 years 16 days ago

I was listening to XM 175 during the week, and we takjed about this on Facebook.

We know that the following teams will need managers

Braves, Marlins, Cubs, D-Backs, Blue Jays(?), Mariners ( thats 6 )

Ones who will be gone
Mets, Brewers
Thats 8.

Torre will retire
With Reds dragging feet, Dusty could move closer to home in either LA or Seattle
If Cards win, will La Russa be back?
If Giants win , will Bochy come back?
Girardi, will he come back or go to Cubs? Braves?
If White Sox don’t win, does Kenny finally get fed up with Ozzie?
Does Leyland have anything left?
Will A’s keep Geren, or does Wakimatsu look better?

It could get up to 13 or 14 new managers, not counting Buck and Yost

5 years 16 days ago

Does Kenny finally get fed up with Ozzie? When is he not fed up with Ozzie? The Sox owner love Ozzie. I think he leaves on his own terms.

I must admit, Ozzie is known for his blunt big mouth, but he’s an outstanding tactician, and he knows how to handle a pitching staff. If I had one of those managerial openings, I’d consider him.

5 years 16 days ago

I could see Fredi Gonzalez with the Braves next year. No one can fill Cox’s shoes, but Fredi is a good manager with a history with the club. I think he goes there come 2011

LaRussa, Bochy, and Girardi all stay with their current clubs I think. I don’t see LaRussa going anywhere besides the Cards or retirement. The Giants have stuck with Bochy through worse, and unless they completely collapse he’ll be back. Why wouldn’t the Yanks bring Girardi back? Do they have someone better in mind. I think Leyland and Ozzie stay too.

I hope Valentine goes to the Mariners. I think that would be a good fit. The Rhino will probably get the call with the Cubs regardless of whether or not he’s ready for the job.

5 years 16 days ago

I don’t think it would be a wise move on the Mets part to hire Torre. Torre is pretty renown in wearing out his bullpen and pitching staff. The Mets are better off with someone like Pinella or Baker. LaRussa should stay with the Cardinals, or if he retires give the job to Dave Duncan, he deserves it.

Torre, LaRussa, Cox and possibly Pinella are HOF inducted managers. If Baker wins a World Series, he may be included.

5 years 16 days ago

I think LaRussa stays. But, if not, the job will probably go to Jose Oquendo. He has been rumored to be waiting in the wings. I don’t think Dave Duncan wants to be a manager. From what I gather, he loves his hands-on role working with pitchers, and that role would be lessened with a promotion.

5 years 16 days ago

The Mets need a new owner and GM…they do not need a new manager…

5 years 16 days ago

Mets need a new owner and new manager. Minaya is fine as a GM. you have to look at that position of GM of the Mets in context.

5 years 16 days ago

In context such as trading Heath Bell for nothing, giving Castillo an unnecessary 4 years, re-signing Perez, signing Schoeneweis to the same deal he didn’t want to give Chad Bradford, signing Tim Redding, signing (and re-signing) Alex Cora, wasting draft picks on college relievers such as Nathan Vineyard and Eddie Kunz, and never doing anything at the trading deadline? That’s just the stuff off the top of my head.

5 years 15 days ago

you can do that with ANY GM…including Theo and Cashman. in the right
situation with full autonomy, Omar is fine. if the mets signed lowell to a 4
year deal and he sucked, do u think the mets would sign adrian beltre and
have lowell on the bench?….negative…this is the difference between a
supportive ownership that allows a GM to erase his mistakes and wack
ownership like the wilpons…if the mets signed kei igawa and carl pavano..i
can guarentee they would see more playing time in queens than they would in
the bx.

5 years 15 days ago

Now i hate the Red Soxs just as much as the next Yankee fan, But i think the Mike Lowell signing was good until he got hurt and i think he can still play but he couldnt at the time and beltre wasnt exactly coming off a hot season so it was a risk for reward deal and it panned out big time. Mike was a Integral part of that world series trophy the Sox’s fans are hoisting. Theo is a great Gm as is Cashman. Now Theo,Omar,and Cashman all have money to play with and all had made mistakes but Omar has so many he couldn’t fill them and get by like the soxs and yanks did. They had replacement players and Omar’s idea of that player is Matthews Junior(granted he didn’t play long) , Alex Cora, and to a point franky. So what im saying is Boston and New York had the depth if something went down such as the Pavono signing or the Kei Igawa signing, or Dice K signing or the injuries

5 years 15 days ago

they resigned Lowell AFTER his MVP performance in 07…and he has done diddly squat for them..and that depth you are talking about is signing guys like AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia…Cashman has made FAR worse moves than Omar has, the difference is, the organizational philosophy puts WINNING above all costs..the Wilpons do not share this dogma…they believe in marketing first. but u cant market a losing club…no matter how nice their smiles are…no matter how they talk to the press. and when you say Omar’s idea of a replacement player is GMJ…understand that Beltran went for surgery like a few weeks before spring training started…and Pagan has been great as his replacement…give Omar credit…he hasn’t made any knee jerk trades since Putz and has allowed our minor league system to start getting back to respectability.

5 years 15 days ago

No im talking the little moves from them, like when Cashman trade fro Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon how great were they for our playoff run? they were a grea 1 year flameout. And i give you lots of credit for Angel Pagan he is a pretty good player. And CC and Aj were signed due to wholes in the rotation kinda like you guys have. The mets panicked when they thought they lost Oliver Perez so they made a knee jerk decision to sign him then to sign Derek Lowe and let Perez go. And Theo what about Darnell Mcdonald and Daniel Nava those panned out pretty good. And not to mention i think BOTH teams does better international signings to. Omar is not the good of a gm. im sorry to burst your bubble but Theo and Cash is better than Omar ever will be

5 years 15 days ago

really ?….small moves?
how about omar trading for duaner sanchez…who was automatic for us til he
got in that cab…
then trading for perez, who during the playoffs was great as well.
picking up jose valentin for peanuts…omar was great at small moves however
his achilles heel was believing in the wide-spread dogma that relievers are
not consistent from year to year so ur better off not investing in them. (
hence why bradford and oliver were let go and royce ring / heath bell were
traded ).
derek lowe was considered one of the worst free-agent signings…why would u
even think omar would be better off with an ADDITIONAL year and 15 million
committed to lowe. Again, the mets failure are fundamental from the
ownership on down. its sorta like watching the knicks play basketball.

5 years 15 days ago

people also underestimate the influence tony bernazard had on that club.
first there is the misconception that tony and omar were buddies…nothing
could be further from the truth. tony had undermined omar on many issues.
tony had more pull with the wilpons than omar. tony was in charge of the
minor league system development. It was no wonder lastings/gomez/f-mart/pena
were all rushed and flamed out. there have been a ton of stories that came
out about the dysfunctional relationship between the different levels of the
organization. THAT to me is one of the biggest culprits of the mets failures
as a franchise. they are phony…and fake…and everyone sees it now

5 years 14 days ago

Theo and Cashman have multiple world series titles. They’ve earned forgiveness on their bad moves. Minaya hasn’t and is the architect of one of the biggest collapses in baseball. Even when he had full autonomy, he wasn’t that good. The main issue is he never tried to make a move at the deadline. Only ones he did were getting Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez in 2006 (neither helped the team much the rest of the season. Perez only had a good start in the NLCS because of Endy’s catch) and getting Castillo (which was a salary dump). As we can see, Perez and Castillo were retained and have since become tumors on this team and the embodiment of everything wrong with the team. If he had went all in and acquired an impact player in 2006 and 2007, this team has at least one pennant and maybe more.

Simply put, it’s time for him to go. Someone needs to be held accountable for all these disappointing years. The owners aren’t going to fire themselves and Jerry’s contract is up at the end of the season and I doubt he has any interest in staying on with this mess.

5 years 14 days ago

exactly how did Cashman survive those 9 years in between winning a
ring…especially considering that when he came on, that team was already

….acquiring a player at the deadline assumes u have clearance from
ownership to ADD onto Payroll, at that time. Please detail to me exactly how
you know Omar was allowed to add let’s say…a Barry Zito in 06
?….especially with the mets rolling over the NL in June/July…why would
the Wilpons want to spend extra cash ?….

you have to take into account the fact that the Wilpons don’t put winning
first…if you think that doesn’t affect the ability of the GM to make
trades/sign players/draft players/RELEASE players…then you just want to
make a change for the sake of making a change. Nelson Doubleday had the
right approach…He owned the team, trusted his President and GM Frank
Cashen, who trusted his head of scouting Joe Mcllvane, they brought up Davey
Johnson from the minors…there was COHESION from the top down because there
was trust…once the Wilpons ( aka the baseball Dolans ) started to play too
much hands-on, they canned Cashen, and Johnson…and have never had that
cohesion since…
Gerry Hunsicker as GM for one year…Al Harazin for another year, Joe Mac
for 3 years…Steve Phillips for 4 years, Jim Duquette for one year…now
Omar for 5…..i think turnover at the GM position for the mets has to be up
at the highest of any team…the one constant is good ol Jeff and Fred !

5 years 16 days ago

Wouldn’t Torre be willing to come back to the Braves if the Dodgers didn’t pick him up. I’m not saying that we would offer or anything, but I would have to think he wouldn’t mind coming back here, if it were an option, just as much as he wouldn’t mind going back to the Mets.

5 years 16 days ago

If I’m the Braves, I’m not looking at these older managers all set in their ways. Not Torre, not LaRussa, not Pinella. Those three are stronger dealing with teams filled with established players; Atlanta has always been an organization that keeps their young players around, and expects the manager to get them transitioned to the majors. If I’m the Braves, I’m looking for the next Bud Black, Terry Francona, Ron Gardenhire. They just might bring back Fredi Gonzalez-he got his start with them. No Joe Torre. Please.

5 years 16 days ago

I’d take anyone of these guys, save Manuel, to manage the A’s. LaRussa with the A’s again…dream come true.

5 years 15 days ago

please torre, don’t come back to LA. you can retire or go to another team, just please don’t come back. he has been terrible for us this year.

5 years 15 days ago

Torre’s through in every way.

5 years 15 days ago

To all those Torre haters-Keep in mind that he knows how to win. While Torre is thought of as a winner only with the Yankees, when given a decent enough team, he has a proven record as a winner. Years back, before Cox he made the Playoffs with Atlanta, with St Louis, had had a decent record with mediocre players. Discounting the Yankee years, the Dodgers had not won for years before his arrival. Granted he had Manny to help, but managing Manny is a feat onto itself! He does burn out relief pitchers, but he nows players and is a great evaluator of talent. I can see him in Chicago, with their team of talented misfits and big budget to spend on players. Can’t see him with the Mets who won’t spend or make reasonable moves or Atlanta who like an ‘in your face type of manager’.