White Sox, Phillies Eyeing Relief Options

The White Sox and Phillies, having recently placed relief pitchers on the disabled list, are looking into acquiring bullpen help, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (via Twitter). The Phillies placed Danys Baez on the 15-day DL Friday, while Matt Thornton and J.J. Putz, and now Erick Threets are out for the Sox.

One team who may match up with both clubs, and the White Sox in particular, is the Toronto Blue Jays. We heard this weekend that Scott Downs, Jason Frasor, Kevin Gregg, and Shawn Camp were all claimed on waivers by unknown teams. It wouldn't be a surprise if the Sox, who have waiver priority over the American League's other contenders, placed claims on one or more of Toronto's arms, though ESPN.com's Buster Olney (Twitter link) doesn't expect the Jays to make any trades.

The Reds may also kick the tires on available bullpen options; Morosi adds in a second tweet that they're open to upgrading their 'pen. George Sherrill and Brian Tallet are among the relievers we know have cleared waivers and can be traded to any club.

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  1. Vegandork 5 years ago

    If the White Sox were truly serious about relief options, the Twins would have never had the opportunity to pick up Fuentes.

    • the_show 5 years ago

      Fuentes sucks who cares

      • Vegandork 5 years ago

        No he doesn’t, he’s got a 3 and a half era and has converted 24 of 27 saves. He also only has less than 2 million left on his deal. Why not claim him simply to stop the Twins?

        Obviously, the White Sox are not interested in spending money on the pen.

        • the_show 5 years ago

          Saves totals are very misleading as Bobby Jenks has a similar conversion rate and has been mediocre all year…also his ERA isn’t very good.

          • Slopeboy 5 years ago

            What’s more misleading is living by stats alone. Brian Fuentes is not the greatest reliever in Baseball, but put in a decent bullpen and he becomes an asset anywhere. That’s why the Twins claimed him.

    • nick1538 5 years ago

      That is why the Twins are leading the AL Central. Good moves by the front office.

  2. I agree, if the White Sox really wanted to spend money on their bullpen they would have claimed Fuentes, looks like KW is spending his time on worrying about Manny and not what’s really critical for the Sox right now.

    • the_show 5 years ago

      Saying you can determine what Kenny is thinking based on him not acquiring one guy is ridiculous

      • What’s ridiculous is the White Sox pen right now. If Kenny Williams was actually looking at options for relief he would have at least claimed Fuentes to help the pen.

        • billmelton 5 years ago

          We still do not know who claimed Downs so the jury is out on this.

          • johnsmith4 5 years ago

            Like the SI cover used for your profile photo

      • Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

        Henry is right I think. The White Sox win with their pitching. And right now, two of maybe the top 5 middle/late relievers are injured in the stretch run. Is Manny more important or their bullpen? I say the Pen.

  3. They can have Brad Thomas! Please?

  4. windycitywarrior 5 years ago

    I agree that KW needs to address the bull pen situation but I think Manny playing for a contract could put a charge into this club too. Who’s not to say that KW still won’t make a move for a reliever or two. I think that Brent Morel is totally tradeable and a lot of teams (Toronto) that do not have a 3B for the future would give up one of those relievers for him.

  5. malcolmec 5 years ago

    Well Danys Baez helps the Phillies more on the DL than he does in the bullpen. Win-win for the Phils right here.

  6. JST1331 5 years ago

    White Soxs have a bad pen no way as nearly as bad as the Phillies. The white sox have a lot of relievers on the DL but the Phillies are just god awful. We pray for the relievers to do good every outing, its no walk in the park nor for you guys. I just hope that both GMs can pull in some good relievers.

  7. falky13 5 years ago

    You mean we pray for the relievers to do well, good is an adjective, well is as adverb…

  8. Dave_Gershman 5 years ago

    You have an excelent vocabulary.

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