Trade Market For Shortstops

As many as seven teams could be looking for help at shortstop, but the options aren't very interesting beyond Juan Uribe and Hiroyuki Nakajima.  Let's see if the trade market offers anyone useful.

Non-Tender Candidates

As we mentioned earlier, Jason Bartlett, J.J. Hardy, and Ryan Theriot are getting expensive through arbitration and could be shopped around.  Theriot will probably be non-tendered and Hardy may get another shot with the Twins because their alternatives aren't much better.  The Rays, though, could trim several million dollars by trading Bartlett.  Reid Brignac and Sean Rodriguez could be in-house alternatives.

Probably Off-Limits

We've heard the odd Stephen Drew rumor here and there over the years, but new Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers probably won't trade him this winter.  Drew had a strong year, and the D'Backs need him at short.

Potential Surpluses

A few teams might feel they've captured a rare surplus of shortstops.  The Rays are one, with Bartlett, Brignac, and Rodriguez.  The Red Sox could be another, given the strong play of Jed Lowrie this year.  Generally we'd expect the older, more expensive player to be shopped.  In this case that's Marco Scutaro, who's set to earn $5MM next season.

Chris Nelson will never supplant Troy Tulowitzki as the Rockies' shortstop, but they'll probably prefer to keep Nelson around in the second base mix.  The Cubs have strong organizational shortstop depth with Starlin Castro and Hak-Ju Lee, perhaps making Darwin Barney expendable.

The Padres' Everth Cabrera, Dodgers' Chin-lung Hu, and the Angels' Brandon Wood may have fallen out of favor.  Cabrera's offense took a dive this year, though the Padres don't have better options.   Hu has spent time at Triple A in each of the last four seasons and is behind Dee Gordon and Ivan DeJesus Jr. on the team's depth chart.  Wood had his longest big league trial this year, but he still hasn't figured it out.

Veterans Under Contract

Jack Wilson ($5MM) and Jamey Carroll ($1.8MM) are a couple of veterans who may be available.  Wilson is a much pricier Adam Everett, so he'd be tough to move.  Carroll logged a surprising 573 innings at shortstop this year with a career-best .379 OBP.

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