Mets Notes: Reyes, Einhorn, DePodesta

A few items of note regarding the Amazin's as they take on the Marlins at Citi Field:

  • In the wake of the announcement that the Mets' partial sale to David Einhorn fell through, Adam Rubin of wonders whether the Mets will be able to re-sign impending-free-agent shortstop Jose Reyes. The Mets' payroll is expected to be somewhere around $110MM in 2012, with $55MM already tied up in the combined salaries of Johan Santana, Jason Bay and David Wright.
  • The Wilpons, the Mets' majority owners, interpreted Einhorn's interest in seeking pre-approval to become controlling partner five years from now as a sign of his true intent, according to Jon Heyman of The deal was never a good one for the Mets, opines Heyman, who adds that a partnership is bound to fail when one side of it is banking on the failure of the other (Twitter links). I think Jon's on the mark with that.
  • Mets vice president of player development and amateur scouting Paul DePodesta has come a long way from his portrayal in the book Moneyball as a number-crunching sabermetrician, writes Tom Krasovic of Inside the Padres. I strongly recommend this piece, as Krasovic does a nice job depicting DePodesta's balancing act between evaluating numbers and old-school scouting.

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  1. Tim Valencia 4 years ago

    wait….. Finkle is Einhorn?

  2. mookie_and_doc 4 years ago

    We were so close to having the Wilpons out of the picture.  Oh well…years of mediocrity and mismanagement to continue.

  3. It is really not surprising though. Why would Einhorn want to get into bed with the financially uncertain Wilpons, if not to eventually take over control of the mets? 

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Yeah, I’m guessing then they never had any real intention of selling to Einhorn. He was probably a waiting game to make sure Selig didn’t step in.

    • Infield Fly 4 years ago

      What’s more, somebody is going to own this team, and with all the uncertainty, if I were Fred (and not delusional) I might think about bringing in an investor with some vision who could pick up the mantle in case I had to sell…that is if I really loved my team the way I was always bragging about…

      But in Wilpon’s case, that’s a big IF.

  4. icedrake523 4 years ago

    “The deal was never a good one for the Mets”

    No, the deal was never a good one for the Wilpons.

    • Infield Fly 4 years ago

      Yeah, and these days those two things are pretty much mutually exclusive.

  5. NCMetsFan 4 years ago

    Well, in this case Einhorn wasn’t really banking on the Wilpons to fail in 5 years.  They’re already failures as owners of this team.  When a NY team with a new ballpark and new TV deal can’t put together a legitimate plan to win and take advantage of the perks of playing in the biggest media market in MLB that tells you all you need to know about Fred and Jeff Wilpon.  Enough said.

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