Tigers Place Delmon Young On Restricted List

MONDAY: MLB has suspended Young for seven days without pay, retroactive to Friday according to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com (on Twitter). Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports (on Twitter) that he will not appeal the suspension. Young can return to the lineup this Friday, and the suspension will cost him approximately $260K in salary.

SATURDAY: The Tigers have placed Delmon Young on the restricted list, reports MLB.com's Jason Beck. Danny Worth has been recalled from Triple-A to take his roster spot. Players on the restricted list do not count toward a team's 25-man or 40-man roster. They do not accrue service time and they don't always get paid.

Young, 26, was arrested for aggravated harassment yesterday following an altercation at the team hotel in New York. The Tigers are in town to play the Yankees. Young was intoxicated at the time and the charge has been filed as a hate crime. He's hit .242/.311/.333 with one homer in 74 plate appearances this season.

Lynn Henning of The Detroit News points out (on Twitter) that Young's contract can be voided if a hate crime offense did take place. Young will earn $6.75MM in 2012 before becoming eligible for free agency after the season.

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  1. Delmon Young: make or Break year

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      For sure. Only shame is he isn’t a Boras client and we won’t get the “privilege” of hearing some of the hogwash of what “The book of tall tales” is on his attributes is after he is released and his holding out the tin cup looking for a job.

      It could The Greatest Story Ever Told sequel.

    • I have to wonder what the Tigers saw in him when they acquired him from the Twins…as for the then Devil Rays—what if they had taken Rickie Weeks instead of Delmon Young? (Weeks was the #2 overall draft pick of the 2003 draft, behind Young.)

      • letsgogiants 3 years ago

        Well I wouldn’t say that Young was a bust for the Rays. In fact, in 2007 he was the runner up for the AL Rookie of the Year behind Pedroia and was traded in a package for Garza among others. I would say that trade worked out very well for the Rays…

  2. ObamaDinoKiller 3 years ago

    he makes 260k in a week??? something’s not right with the world

  3. His immaturity has caught up with him…but at least he isn’t a Milton Bradley-style headcase.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

       huh? Milton Bradley was a headcase, but he never assaulted anyone. Seriously, this is far worse than anything Milton did.

      • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

         Yea Milton was a head case but Delmon is flat out violent. Throwing bats at umpires, assaulting people. Guy needs a reality check.

  4. forkball27 3 years ago

    Yeah he needs to be released and see who picks him up then….. If Tigers do so they could possibly go out and get Oswalt to help the rotation. Then make Dirks your everyday LF. 

    • dskirsa 3 years ago

      What difference would releasing Young make in acquiring Oswalt?  If they release Young, they still have to pay him.  

      • forkball27 3 years ago

        Actually that is incorrect. What he did was a hate crime and since he was arrested and tried it falls under the John Rocker law that is written into all contracts. If a hate crime is committed the team can release him with out having to pay out the entire contract. A buyout yes but not the entire contract.

  5. FunkyTime 3 years ago

    There are also very few players in the league that are on Delmon’s level when it comes to plate discipline and defense.

  6. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

     His tolerance towards others is Ty Cobb esque.

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