Brewers Place Shaun Marcum On Trade Waivers

The Brewers have placed right-hander Shaun Marcum on trade waivers, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. The waiver period expires at 1pm ET on Thursday. A player being placed on trade waivers does not necessarily mean that he will be traded, but the veteran starter could potentially draw interest from other clubs.

Marcum, 30, missed more than two months with a right elbow issue. He returned over the weekend to allow four unearned runs in five innings against the Pirates. His next start is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, so clubs will not be able to get another look at him before the waiver period expires. Marcum is owed approximately $1.6MM through the end of the season and will become a free agent this winter.

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  1. Jose Villasano 3 years ago

    Dodgers should go after him

  2. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    By the end of the month he will be in dodger blue.

    • Brian 3 years ago

      In this case, I”m not too sure. The Dodgers were able to pick up a lot of players because of their ability to eat contracts. Marcum is going to be a free agent and doesn’t have much left on his contract though, so the Brewers probably will want something more than just salary relief. That something might be more than the Dodgers would be willing to give up prospect-wise.

      Edit: Marcum is also still a pretty good pitcher, so this isn’t the same case as with Blanton.

  3. camerondatzker 3 years ago

    Brian “the Thrift” Sabean, Shaun Marcum would make a nice piece for our starting rotation.. And Francisco “KROD” Rodriguez would be a nice complement to our bullpen.

  4. northsfbay 3 years ago

    The Dodgers are looking for players with big contracts, that used to be good.

  5. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Teams are getting rid of mediocre to horrible SP now. Bedard, Saunders, Wolfie. Now marcum is out there for a discard if anyone wants him.

    We should be seeing several more names like this until the tams still looking for that back end Sp fill up their soon to be 40 man roster with enough of these types.. Maybe somebody will even throw a retread Seattle’s way in the end for Millwood.

    When it comes to this level of talent however.. it’s kind of like your neighbor rifling thru your trash looking for something of interest and you knew all along it was just trash.. 100% waste of time on this level of SP.

    • davbee 3 years ago

      In Shaun Marcum’s last four seasons he’s had ERA+ numbers of 125, 115, 111 and (this season) 130. He is anything but a “mediocre horrible” starting pitcher. The guy would make a nice 3rd or 4th starter for someone (the Pirates? the White Sox? the Tigers?) and the Brewers should be able to get something of value back if he either clears waivers or they can work out a deal with the claiming team.

      • Andy Repinski 3 years ago

        I wouldn’t mind seeing the Brewers hold on to him and signing a 3-4 year extension. next year Yovanni will be the only sure thing, though i like the potential of the group, Marcum will be near guarentee to be above average, like usual.

        • Both he and Greinke are free agents after the year, so the Brewers will be contacting them both I’m sure. In both cases, the Brewers are just trying to get something in return for this year since we’re out of contention and give them both a chance at a WS ring. Just because they’ve traded both of them, it doesn’t mean we won’t sign them in the off-season given the chance.

    • AaronAngst 3 years ago

      I’m also not sure how you can lump Marcum in with those mentioned. He’s better than league average on just about all fronts during the course of his career. One concern is his injury history, but another is not his “mediocre to horrible” performance.

      I suspect that the Brewers are looking for a contender to overpay for a month of Marcum with a decent (corner infielder?) prospect – I don’t see it happening, but it’s worth a shot. My guess is he makes his start against the Cubs on Thursday, because it wouldn’t make for much of a salary dump if all else fails. Plus, I could see them having some interest in retaining him on a Wolf-like (probably less) deal.

    • PWNdroia 3 years ago

      Marcum is better than Saunders, Wolfe, and the usual Bedard.

  6. $17867741 3 years ago

    Some players just aren’t worth the $13m+ qualifying offer for draft pick compensation. I can foresee more August trades in future years as a consequence of the new CBA.

  7. Go to the Yanks please…would be great for my fantasy team’s playoff run.

  8. Scott Singer 3 years ago

    Marcum might be the most underrated pitcher in the MLB. I hope the Brewers keep him.

  9. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    why? he’s an FA and gets chewed in the AL east

  10. Runtime 3 years ago

    Just to see our ol’ buddy back.

  11. Andy Repinski 3 years ago

    Since when is a 3.85 ERA while pitching in the AL East “getting chewed”?

  12. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    I’m guessing when era is the full story.

    career vs

    yankees. 49 IP, 6.61 ERA
    red sox . 73 IP 4.56 ERA
    tampa 51 IP 3.33 ERA
    Orioles 68 IP 4.33 ERA

    2010 (last year in AL East before trade)

    yankees 7.50 ERA
    Red Sox 5.34 ERA
    Tampa 5.55 ERA
    Orioles 1.13 ERA

    might wanna check a pitchers splits first before commenting.

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