Cubs Sign Chris Coghlan

The Cubs have signed Chris Coghlan to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post (on Twitter). Coghlan, a Scott Boras client, will earn $800K if he makes the Major League roster and has another $250K of incentives built into his contract, Sherman reports. Coghlan can also opt out of his deal on June 15 if he is not in the Major Leagues at that time.

Coghlan, 28, was the National League Rookie of the Year with the Marlins back in 2009 when he batted .321/.390/.460 with nine homers and eight stolen bases in 565 plate appearances. The outfielder has struggled to replicate that success, however, as he's slumped to a .242/.307/.352 line in the four seasons that have followed. He was slightly better than that in 2013, batting .256/.318/.354 in 214 PAs. Though he has 809 innings in center field in his career, defensive metrics aren't kind to Coghlan at any outfield position.

Coghlan will join an outfield mix in Chicago that currently includes Nate Schierholtz, Justin Ruggiano, Junior Lake, Ryan Sweeney and Brett Jackson, with top prospects such as Jorge Soler, Albert Almora and potentially Kris Bryant (if he is unable to stick at third base) looming on the horizon.

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  1. Trock 2 years ago

    I say they keep Bryant at 3rd unless Olt appears to find his old form that the Rangers raved about for so long. If he does, an OF of Bryant, Soler, and Almora or Jackson would be a pretty decent OF. If Olt doesnt, Bryant should stay at third and the other 3 mentioned above are pretty servicable as well.

    • WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

      Only way I see Bryant in the outfield is if Baez plays 3b with Castro at SS. Or if C.Villanueva pans out. Olt I don’t have faith in he was just a throw in the Garza trade, with C.J. Edwards as the prize

      • Cubstein 2 years ago

        Even without another prospect taking over 3B there’s still question marks about whether he will be capable of staying at 3B long term because of his size.

        I wouldn’t completely write off Olt. There’s a possibility he gets over the eye issue and snaps back into 2012 form, where he was a top 15 prospect. Of course Edwards was the major piece but every piece in that deal could be serviceable for the Cubs.

      • Trock 2 years ago

        I don’t completely write off Olt. He has eye issues which have since been resolved (or so I thought). He needs a chance to regain any confidence of being a top prospect like he was in 2012. If he does then Bryant moves to the OF. Could Baez move to 2nd?

        • Cubsin20xx 2 years ago

          Castro can move to 2b.

          • WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

            That’s what id love to see but, I think he would be to stubborn to move. So Baez might have to play 2b. If someone pans out at 3b

        • WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

          That’s the most likely scenario. Thi Castro at 2n would thrive I feel that he would be to stubborn to move there.

        • WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

          That’s the most likely scenario. Thi Castro at 2n would thrive I feel that he would be to stubborn to move there.

      • Brian Henehan 2 years ago

        ryne sandberg was a throw in

    • Christopher Rioux 2 years ago

      I agree. You always want guys at the most difficult-to-play position as possible to maximize their bat value, as long as they don’t completely embarrass themselves with the glove. Bryant at 3B leaves a corner OF spot open that you can rotate bats at, mix and match, grab an all-bat-no-glove type guy, whatever. Bryant in the OF means 3B has a very specific need.

      Also, don’t forget that Vitters is probably going to get every chance to win the 3B job this spring, since he’s out of options and had much better peripheral stats last year between injuries.

      I’d say Olt will probably, best case, hit in the .240-.260 range with 15-18% BB rate, a 28-30% K rate, and real HR power. Coupled with elite defense at 3B, that guy is worth a lot. Whether he ever scratches the surface of that potential is anybody’s guess — because his floor is equally as low as a swing-and-miss guy that doesn’t run into enough pitches to make him feared enough to see favorable counts.

      • jammin502 2 years ago

        Vitters is no longer playing 3B for the Cubs. He is now an outfielder. His best chance to make the roster is as a Right handed platoon partner for Schierholtz …

        • Christopher Rioux 2 years ago

          I missed that press release. Thanks.

        • WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

          He’s no longer the future at 3b but he could get a chance this spring or be a back upat 1b/3b or rh bat off the bench. Just rember his companion is valbuena, murphy (wo did good last year) , and olt

    • jwsox 2 years ago

      I would not be surprised to see Bryant stay at 3rd. Baez stay at ss and the cubs trade Castro. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see olt get over his eye issue and be totally healthy and return to form, shift him to 1st and trade rizzo

      • Trock 2 years ago

        I couldn’t see that happening unless both Rizzo and Castro took huge dips in production. I see both panning our exactly how cubs expect. Ultimately it all depends on how these prospects turn out. If olt and Baez blow up in the majors both Rizzo and Castro would have decent trade value given there pretty inexpensive salary and years. I would still think they would make room for all 4 of them if they play to their potential

        • jwsox 2 years ago

          I agree but at the same time if olt, Baez, Bryant, solar, and Almora all prosper the cubs won’t have enough room for them and they could move rizzo and Castro for pitching which the cubs need more than anything

      • meinhardt1992 2 years ago

        multiple times i have heard the Cubs state that Castro and Rizzo will not be traded so I don’t think that will happen.

      • WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

        You had me until you said trade Rizzo to make room for olt. If were even thinking about trading Rizzo it would be to accompany Volgabach. And that’s with out trying Rizzo in a corner spot.

        As for trading Castro, id be all for it if Baez, Bryant, and Alacantra (spelling) pan out. I’d love to trade Castro to the Mets for someone like wheeler or synagar(spelling)

        • Kayrall 2 years ago

          If the mets were willing to give up either of those two, it would have happened this offseason, and jed would have jumped on that.

    • Steve 2 years ago

      Jackson will be long gone by the time Almora and Soler ever make it to Chicago. Wouldn’t be surprised if he is gone by the end of this year

  2. WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

    Had a feeling cubs were going to sign him, told my brother last night. Hope he shows something in the spring he’s a good platoon/guy off the bench to have

    • raymondrobertkoenig 2 years ago

      Any feeling on Tanaka, or the PowerBall numbers?

      • WrigleyTerror37 2 years ago

        Haha! Tanaka who wouldn’t want him. If this Kershaw extension stops the dodgers spending then that opens a door a crack for the cubs. But that’s wishful thinking. I think the Wsox will be a top bidder for him.
        As for the power ball ill keep that to myself

  3. rct 2 years ago

    His 2012 season is impressively bad. 39 games, 105 PAs with only two XBH and an 8 (!) OPS+. Managed a -1.4 rWAR in only 1/4 of a season. .043 ISO, .180 wOBA. . .the list goes on.

  4. coreif 2 years ago

    He’s the first player the Cubs have signed since unveiling Clark the Cub, so let me be the first to say: Cubs sign Chris Coghlan to play Clark the Cub.

  5. jammin502 2 years ago

    The nice thing is that the Cubs can now introduce Clark the mascot and

    Chris Coghlan at the Cubs convention this weekend. That should be a big hit!

  6. meinhardt1992 2 years ago

    I see a lot of people talking about Almora, Soler, and Bryant getting the nod for the outfield spots where do you see Lake going. In my opinion Lake has as good of a chance as these players to get a starting nod in the outfield because of his showing in the second half of the season. I think the Cubs will be trading Schierholtz at the deadline for prospects and also probably Barney as well.

    • Steve 2 years ago

      Barney will probably get traded but won’t get them much as far as prospects

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