Quick Hits: DePodesta, Sternberg, Lucroy

We at MLBTR tend to focus on transactions, but the big news of tonight comes from Baltimore, where catcher Caleb Joseph homered for a fifth straight game. The Orioles catcher had hit just three major league home runs before his current onslaught. Last season, he did pop an impressive 22 home runs for the O’s Double-A affiliate. Prior to tonight, Joseph was hitting .220/.281/.401 on the season.

  • Last August, Mets Assistant GM Paul DePodesta discussed Moneyball misconceptions and the role of analysis in an interesting interview with Nautilus. Among the many topics, DePodesta talked about the importance of putting themselves in a position to get lucky. The Mets system certainly reflects that thought process. While the club has yet to succeed at the major league level, they are beginning to receive meaningful contributions from somewhat unexpected sources like Lucas Duda and Jacob deGrom.
  • Rays owner Stuart Sternberg doesn’t regret trading David Price despite the club’s current three game winning streak, writes Bill Chastain of MLB.com. Said Sternberg, “It really was the classic one-eye-on-the-present, one-eye-on-the-future kind of deal.” The Rays remain 10 games back in the AL East and five games back in the Wild Card race. Sternberg does regret failing to acquire a big bat after losing in the 2010 division series. 
  • Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy isn’t interested in following the Joe Mauer model, according to Tom Haudricourt. “I feel like I’d go from an above-average catcher to an average first baseman,” said Lucroy. Defensive measures rate him as among the best backstops in the game, and his current batting line (.307/.374/.493) is strikingly similar to that of Adrian Beltre. Lucroy recently missed a game with a hamstring issue, but that’s a far cry from the issues plaguing Mauer.

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  1. Tko11 11 months ago

    Mets are the top minor league franchise? But who has Cubs??

    • Brad Johnson 11 months ago

      To clarify, the Mets farm system is the winningest in baseball. Obviously, prospect rankings favor many systems over the Mets.

      I’ll go back and rephrase.

      On second inspection, Dynasty22 is right, so further edits are needed.

      • Tko11 11 months ago

        Yeah I read it afterwards, he was talking in terms of wins. Not sure how they are this year since I dont really follow minor league teams.

  2. Smrtbusnisman04 11 months ago

    I didn’t read the article, but how do the Mets have a better minor league system than the Cubs, Pirates, and Red Sox?

  3. Leon Barry 11 months ago

    Is Josephs locker next to Nelson Cruz’s?

  4. bigbadjohnny 11 months ago

    Rays on a win streak……..pssssss….they are playing the Cubs now.

  5. Dynasty22 11 months ago

    That article about DePodesta was written last year. What DePodesta was referring to was that the Mets had the best combined record in the minors at the time. He didn’t say anything about the farm system or it being better than any team.

  6. jdsmith84 11 months ago

    “it may be noteworthy that the Mets are currently the top minor league franchise.”
    What does this even mean?

  7. Yorkshire 11 months ago

    Jonathan Lucroy doesn’t have any amazing tool, but honestly he has no weakness. Low strikeout rate, takes his walks, power, hits for average, doubles machine, extremely durable, very good defense, works the count, plays nearly every day, high baseball IQ, only 6 GDPs, and he will do whatever you ask him to do. He is a great humble person who goes out every day and plays 110%.

    If the Brewers win the NL Central and he stays on his current pace he should be the NL MVP. Some may be able to challenge his number offensively, but what he does on defense makes up for any difference plus some.

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