Esteilon Peguero Rumors

Mariners Reduce Peguero’s Bonus By $1.8MM

The Mariners have reduced Esteilon Peguero's bonus by $1.8MM, from $2.9MM to $1.1MM, according to Ben Badler of Baseball America. The Dominican shortstop prospect signed a landmark deal with the Mariners last month.

Peguero signed for what would have been the largest bonus for an international amateur free agent in 2010, but that distinction now belongs to Blue Jays prospect Adonis Cardona. A $2.9 million bonus would have been a Mariners record for an international amateur prospect, but Phillips Castillo, who signed a $2.2MM deal last summer, now owns that record.

It’s not clear why the Mariners reduced Peguero's bonus. Rival international scouting directors told Badler that there was an issue with the 17-year-old’s shoulder, but another source denied that the player is injured.

Mariners Sign Peguero For $2.9MM

The Mariners signed a top Dominican prospect to a deal that includes the highest international amatuer signing bonus of the year, according to Ben Badler of Baseball AmericaEsteilon Peguero, a 17-year-old shortstop who is one of the most advanced hitting prospects in Latin America, signed for $2.9MM. The right-handed hitter has good bat speed, but may eventually move to second or third base.