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Orioles’ Talks With Markakis On Hold

According to Dan Connolly and Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles’ contract extension talks with Nick Markakis are on hold and probably will not be revisited for at least six weeks.

The Orioles are looking to sign Markakis for his three arbitration years as well as at least three of free agency.  Markakis would like to observe the free agent market before resuming talks with the Orioles.  Perhaps Markakis and his agent plan to value his free agent years based on the contracts for players like Raul Ibanez and Bobby Abreu.

Orioles Rumors: Burnett, Markakis, Japan

3:08pm: Roch Kubatko of MASN Online gives thoughts on the Orioles and Mark Teixeira and Burnett.  Kubatko believes there’s no chance the O’s offer five years to Burnett, and even four would be a stretch.  He’d have to be willing to take a discount to come to Baltimore.  As for Tex, will he be willing to play for a team that may not be competitive in the first few years of his deal?

8:32am: Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun talked to A.J. Burnett‘s agent Darek Braunecker, who said his client has narrowed his list from twelve to about six teams.  The Orioles remain in the mix after Andy MacPhail had a "nice conversation" with Braunecker on Friday.

It’s speculated that the Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Phillies, and Braves are the other five clubs.  In his comments, Braunecker didn’t seem dead set on a five-year deal.

In other Orioles news, Nick Markakis‘ agent had "active talks" with MacPhail about a contract extension.  Markakis is entering his three arbitration years.

Finally, Steve Melewski of MASN Online says the O’s have shown interest in four Japanese free agents: Koji Uehara, Kenshin Kawakami, Junichi Tazawa, and catcher Ryoji Aikawa.  Tazawa seems close to signing with the Red Sox.  Uehara might be a more affordable alternative to Burnett.

Orioles Rumors: Baez, Greene, Hernandez

Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun has a few Orioles notes today.

  • Danys Baez, who hasn’t pitched since 2006, would like to prepare as a starter for 2008.  Andy MacPhail is open to the idea; the Orioles have more open spots in their rotation than their bullpen.  Baez is set to earn $5.5MM in ’09, the last year of his deal.  Starting is where the money’s at, unless you get a chance to close.
  • The Orioles are interested in Khalil Greene, but prefer a long-term solution at shortstop.
  • Nothing new on the extension front for Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts.  MacPhail is probably eyeing the Jake Peavy negotiations closely, as the Cubs be out of the running for Roberts if they acquire Peavy.
  • Zrebiec speculated recently that the Orioles will sign Cesar Izturis to play short and will eat the $9MM owed to Ramon Hernandez to move him.

Orioles Focused On Markakis, Roberts

According to Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles are focused on signing Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts to contract extensions.  Markakis is under team control for three more years, while Roberts is under contract for 2009 at $8MM.

Zrebiec talked to Orioles president Andy MacPhail, who says the team has talked generalities with both players’ agents.  Roberts does not want to talk about a contract once spring training begins.  It makes sense for MacPhail to figure out his situation soon, to allow time for trade talks if Roberts cannot be extended.

My guess at possible Roberts suitors if he hits the market: the White Sox, Indians, Cardinals, Cubs, Diamondbacks, and Brewers.

Preliminary Talks For Markakis Extension

Steve Melewski of MASN Online spoke to Orioles president Andy MacPhail, who said he’s had preliminary contract extension talks with Nick Markakis‘ agent.  Dollar figures have not yet been exchanged.  MacPhail added that there are no hard feelings from Markakis’ renewal last year.  Locking up Markakis is an offseason priority for the Orioles.  They’ll try to buy out all three arbitration years as well as some free agent years.

In March, players such as Prince Fielder, Cole Hamels, and Markakis were renewed at $700K or less.  Fielder and Hamels publicly expressed displeasure.   Young players who may be renewed next March include Hunter Pence, James Loney, Yunel Escobar, Jeremy Guthrie, Joba Chamberlain, and Tim Lincecum.

Orioles To Explore Extensions For Roberts, Markakis

In what the Baltimore Sun is calling a pivotal offseason, Orioles president of baseball operations, Andy MacPhail, said the team will initiate contract extension talks with the agents of second baseman Brian Roberts and outfielder Nick Markakis.

Roberts is eligible for free-agency after next season, and the Orioles had brief discussions with Jamie Murphy, Markakis’ agent, during the All-Star game, but talks quickly ceased due to neither party being able to reach any common ground.

Roberts has been linked to several trade talks in the past, but he made no secret of the fact that he’d like to stay with the O’s:

"I’ve always enjoyed Baltimore. I like playing here," Roberts told the Sun. "It’s something that we’ll have to sit down and look at this winter. If the opportunity arises, I’ll sit down with the Orioles or my agent or my family or whoever and try to figure out the best thing to do. I just have trouble looking at it right now. I’m just trying to finish the season, and there’s nothing really on the table to talk about it. But I enjoy being here. It’s something that I’d definitely consider."

Markakis is considered the cornerstone of the Orioles’ rebuilding plans.

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Orioles Offered Extension To Markakis

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney yesterday:

Recently, the Orioles made a modest offer to right fielder Nick Markakis, and the conversations went nowhere; it’s unclear whether the threads of negotiations will be picked up any time soon, or — more likely — will be held over until next winter.

A brief history on the Markakis negotiations is below.  He will be arbitration-eligible for the first time after this season.

  • In March, Markakis was renewed at $455K rather than the $800K he hoped for.  He did not make any negative public comments, though several outlets perceived him to be miffed, ticked, and angered.
  • In May, Olney wrote that the Orioles planned to wait at least three years before discussing long-term deals with young players like Markakis and Adam Jones.
  • Later in May, Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun said extension discussions are expected this winter.  The O’s will focus on buying out free agent seasons.
  • In July, Jeff Zrebiec of the Sun said the Orioles talked to Markakis about an extension but talks hit a wall and they’ll wait until after the season.  Zrebiec said the Orioles wanted to buy out Markakis’ three arbitration years, at least.  I speculated that the O’s could offer six years, $62MM.

Orioles Talked Extension With Markakis

Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun reports that the Orioles recently discussed a contract extension with right fielder Nick Markakis.  However, talks have already reached a standstill and will wait until after the season.

Markakis will be arbitration-eligible for the first time after the season.  He’s earning $455K this year, so his ’09 salary should increase at least tenfold.  Zrebiec says the O’s wanted to buy out Markakis’ three arbitration years, at the least.

Zrebiec speculates that Markakis’ contract could fall somewhere between those of Alex Rios and Hanley Ramirez.  Rios is an odd case since he was a Super Two player.  He will receive about $16.3MM for his last three arb years and then $12.25MM annually covering four free agent years.  Ramirez gave up his three arb years for $23.5MM and then three free agent years at an average of $15.5MM.

Splitting the difference, the Orioles could offer Markakis a six-year, $62MM extension.

Markakis To Talk Extension After Season?

The Orioles have been slow to embrace the trend of signing young players long-term to save money.  Granted, they don’t have any obvious extension candidates aside from right fielder Nick MarkakisJeremy Guthrie, maybe, but he’s represented by Scott Boras and isn’t a star player.  Seems too early for Adam Jones.  Earlier this month, Buster Olney wrote that the Orioles plan to wait at least three years before talking to Markakis or Jones about extensions.

Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun has a new article up discussing Markakis’ situation.  He notes that Markakis’ agent hasn’t had substantive contract talks with the Orioles, but discussions are expected this winter since he’ll be arbitration-eligible for the ’09 season.  Connolly says the O’s aren’t concerned about saving money during the arb years; they’d be focused on buying out free agent seasons.  So they could definitely continue to wait even as fans get uneasy about Markakis.  Connolly figures Markakis’ salary will jump up to the $2.5-5MM range in ’09.

Connolly suggests Alex Rios might be a good comparable for Markakis.  Rios basically gave up two arb years for $15.6MM and four free agent years for $49MM. 

O’s Not Planning Long-Term Deals For Markakis, Jones

Interesting note from Buster Olney’s blog today:

Most major-league teams are working to sign their best young players to multi-year deals. But right now, the Orioles’ internal philosophy is to wait for at least three years before discussing a multi-year deal with the likes of Adam Jones and Nick Markakis.

Surprising, isn’t it?  If the Orioles eschew long-term deals, their best players will be much more expensive when the team is ready to compete.  Markakis, their star player, will be up for arbitration after this season.  Maybe he won’t get the $10MM Ryan Howard did, but $7MM seems reasonable.  There were already rumblings that Markakis was angered by this year’s $55K raise.