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Billy Wagner To Accept Four Year Offer Tuesday

A source in the Mets' front office is telling MLBTradeRumors.com that the club will make a four year, $40MM offer to Billy Wagner immediately following his tour of the city.  The deal might be announced by Wednesday morning.  Omar Minaya is eager to get a deal done early this week so that he can focus on numerous other player acquisitions.

Minaya will be employing the same bait he used to reel in Pedro Martinez: the guaranteed fourth year.  The Phillies (smartly) refuse to pay Wagner $10MM for a season during which he'll turn 38.

Other sources close to the proceedings indicate that Wagner already had made his decision to join the Mets prior to his New York tour.   


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Yay, rumors about truths from THE FUTURE.


Ugh! I just wanna die!

Say it ain't so, Billy. Say it ain't so!

It was probably a little dangerous for me to put that "Tuesday" in the title, but it's still leaning towards being announced before Thanksgiving.

I'll be shocked if this is true. I honestly, and truely believe he isn't signing with the Mets.

ESPN Radio is now reporting that the Mets will offer 4 guaranteed years.
But they say NOTHING about Wagner accepting a deal.
I don't think that will happen until Wagner and his family discuss things over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

I agree Paul. He'll take the holiday to think things through. But IMO after that, he'll re-sign with Philly.

Jayson Stark says don't by the Wagner rumors.


It's tough to traffick in rumors; what's a good success rate? The trade wins change direction all the time.

As many have said, Stark makes it seem like Wagner said that to him today, as if he somehow took a phone call during his tour of NY. I guess it's somewhat possible...

Every indication I've seen is that the Mets want to move this thing along so that they can budget for other players. That's why they are going to push Wagner to decide now rather than in two weeks.

Mets had a news conference with Billy Wagner today at noon. Sounds like this was mostly Billy's call. Just a meeting talking about what they are looking for in a team and a city. Rediculous. This appears to be nothing but Wagner trying to get leverage from the Phillies.

Omar said no offer yet, one may come today.

Is it normal for free agents to have press conferences before they sign? I can't remember it happening before.

No it's not. That's what the radio guys in NY are going crazy about. Calling it a dog and pony show. Now I've heard Minaya will make an offer today before he leaves. Expected to be a 3 year offer at the same money as Philly according to Ed Coleman of WFAN radio.

Gammons said this morning on ESPN Radio, that the Mets have told BJ Ryan they will guarantee him 4 years $36mil if they don't sign Wagner. The HOF Gammons has been known to be wrong alot though.

Yeah my source yesterday was adamant that the Mets planned on making an offer immediately after the tour. He also said they were planning on going to the 4th year, but we'll see.

Mike and the Mad dog interviewed Billy Wagner for 10 minutes today on WFAN, they came away with the same feeling that I did, he wants to pitch for the Braves. Apparently the Braves are only able to offer him a two year deal though. They get the feeling that he will not be a Met. Basic feeling I've had all along. Move onto Ryan.

What did Wagner say to indicate that?

Said he hated NY five years ago, but he could play here now. He's comfortable in Philly, but doesn't know if they really want him. Mentioned the Braves and Red Sox as other options, but doesn't get the feeling they are willing to go over 2 years. Likes the way both teams run their organization though.

He said he doesn't know if Philly wants him??? Is that true??? I find it hard to believe that he said that...that is like a bargaining chip for the Mets. Is that a quote?

I'm sure Metblog has some of the stuff up by now.

Wagner is a Mets. 4 years $43mil. I'm shocked. Never thought he'd sign here.

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