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Cubs Sign Bob Howry

ESPN Radio 1000 is reporting that the Cubs have inked right-handed reliever Bob Howry to a three year, $12MM contract.  He will have his physical on Monday.

Howry will enter his age 32 season in 2006.  While his hit, home run, and walk rates were superb in 2005, his K/9 dropped to 5.9 from 8.2 the year before.  Like Scott Eyre, Howry has parlayed two solid relief seasons into a lucrative long-term deal with the Cubs.

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Scoring runs is so unimportant.

That's funny. No one is reporting this (Not even espn.com). I hope your right though.

"Scoring runs is so unimportant."

Don't expect the Cubs to stop here. You could very well see Furcal, Pierre, and a very good RFer (via trade) added this offseason to go along with the relievers already signed.

The northsiders from Chicago will probably be the team that adds the second most talent in the MLB this offseason. The Mets will come in first, but overspend in the process.

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