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Juan Pierre To The Cubs

Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post has been floating Juan Pierre rumors for some time now.  The Yankees have backed off, but apparently the Cubs are still very interested. 

ESPN Radio's Bruce Levine is reporting that the Cubs are in the "final stages" of a trade for Pierre.  Levine claims that the Cubs would only surrender minor leaguers in the deal.  Corey Patterson is not expected to be involved.

No names were mentioned, so it's open to speculation.  I doubt Pierre could bring in a jewel like Felix Pie or Brandon Sing.  Top Double A West Tenn pitchers from '05 included Jae-kuk Ryu, Ricky Nolasco, Sean Marshall, and Renyel PintoAngel Guzman has looked decent in the AFL. 

Nolasco had a fine year in Double A after a rough turn in Triple A Iowa the previous year.  Given Ryu's questionable behavior in the past, he could be paired with Nolasco in the deal.  Jermaine Van Buren is expendable as well.  We'll wait to see if Bruce Levine can expound upon the minor leaguers involved.

The 27 year-old Pierre's stock dropped considerably in 2005.  He posted a career-low .326.  His defense was far from spectacular as well, but Pierre hasn't really been a good defender for years.  Pierre's value as a leadoff hitter is very dependent on his OBP, so Hendry is banking that he can reach base 37% of the time as he did in 2004.

Durability is a point in Pierre's favor.  He's played every single game for the last three seasons.  Pierre is also somewhat affordable, although that could change after arbitration.

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Interesting. Will be even more interesting to see who the Cubs give up in the deal. Yes Pierre has been healthy, but he had a down year last year and his arm in CF is a major question mark.

The only I want Pierre in Chicago is if we don't part ways w/ Felix Pie... Pie will be the best CF in the majors come 2007

Pierre is in his last year of arbitration eligibility, hence, unless the cubs looked to lock him up, he won't be here after this year. With a salary last year of 3.4MM and the year he had last year, it's difficult to imagine that he'd make much more than 5MM or so. As for his arm, it's the speed that is so much more important at wrigley. We aren't a minute maid/coors field, where we're so far back that a big arm in center is important. Much more important for right. What i'm curious about is how the lineup runs if we get furcal. does furcal then bat 2nd?

I'm hearing Pierre bats 2nd. That makes sense, as Furcal projects to have a higher OBP. Then again, if Pierre can't get his on-base past the .330 range he should probably be hitting 8th.

pierre batting 2nd? That doesn't seem to make sense. He has exactly zero power. furcal is on, he isn't going anywhere. his obp has been a lot better in years past. i want to say his lifetime is .357. if he returns to his norms, and there's no reason to think he won't, i'd think he'd be in that .360 range. furcal, on the other hand, has learned to take more pitches but also has much more power.

You've sold me, dude. Now get Dusty on board.

If Cubs get both Furcal and Pierre, Furcal should leadoff and Pierre bat 2nd. Furcal has the higher OBP & Pierre is the much better bunter and could turn perhaps as many as 1/3 of his sacrifices into hits in the thick Wrigley grass!

Mike - there's no way Felix Pie will be involved if the Cubs do deal for Pierre.

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