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Luis Castillo To The Mets

Our suspicions from yesterday have been confirmed: Luis Castillo is definitely on the trading block.  Many sources mention the Mets' interest in the second baseman.

The names we're hearing coming back from the Mets are shortstop Anderson Hernandez and/or second baseman Jeff Keppinger (via the Palm Beach Post).  Alex Gonzalez won't be returning to play shortstop in Florida, and the Marlins are less than confident in their top prospect at the position, Robert Andino.  If the Mets would give up Hernandez, the Marlins would probably pull the trigger.

While Yusmeiro Petit is probably out of the question, the Mets could part with young righthander Gaby Hernandez.  Hernandez looked fantastic in A ball in 2005 while still a teenager.

Luis Castillo is a top ten second baseman and perfect top-of-the-order hitter.  His defense is superb and he's due $5MM in 2006.  The Mets aren't the only team interested in his services - the Red Sox, Cardinals, and Twins are all in the running.

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If the deal is Anderson Hernandez or Keppinger for Castillo, the Mets have to do it. Heck, even if it was for both of them. Hernandez is a SS that the Mets moved to 2B last year, the Marlins could get their middle infield set in one deal. Keppinger is a guy that can just hit. Reminds me alot of Mark Loretta, alot. Hernandez is a guy that came out of nowhere last year in a trade with the Tigers for Vance Wilson. I don't expect too much from him as a major leaguer.Castillo though has had hip, calf, and hamstring problems over the past year and he told his buddy Cliff Floyd two years ago that he didn't want to deal with the NY pressure when the Mets were after him in the FA market.

Interesting info Brian. Castillo doesn't appear to have a no-trade clause, so he might have to tough it out in a major market for a year or two. He's held up pretty well despite the injuries.

Jeff Keppinger?

Anderson Hernandez?

Has this what it has come to with the Florida Marlins?

If they make the trades that are being rumored, I hope they finish in last place. What a pathetic excuse for a franchise.

They'll ask for more, but no team is going to give up one of their top prospects for Castillo. At least no team should.

Teams don't really seem to put 2B at the top of their priorities.

I've always thought Castillo would be a good fit for BOS.

The price will be high as Castillo is very reasonably priced the next two years.

I'm sure they'd want Hanley Ramirez, or perhaps a Castillo/Mota trade for Hanley Ramirez

How I wish the Cubs were on that list...

Then the Cubs could probably send Walker to the Mets for Heilman as rumored...that's not going to happen if the Marlins permit themselves to be ripped off like it looks like the Rangers are about to do.

Depends on how high teams are on Hanley Ramirez. I wasn't at all impressed by his year at Double A; I'd seriously consider a Mota/Castillo trade. And Ramirez is blocked for three more years at short.

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