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Astros Or Retirement For Clemens

Plenty of buzz going around about Roger Clemens entertaining new teams such as the Red Sox, Yankees, or Rangers for the 2006 season.  According to my Astros source, however, Clemens is again choosing between the Astros and retirement.

Houston Chronicle writer Brian McTaggart has confirmed that Brad Ausmus is very close to signing a two-year pact with the Astros.  It's well known that Clemens does not want to pitch for any other catcher, and the Red Sox tried in vain to lure Ausmus out East.  Boston was never really an option for Ausmus, who wants to be a starter and considered only San Diego as an alternative.

According to my Astros source, look for Clemens to return to Houston and start taking advantage of some of his previously negotiated perks.  In 2006, Clemens would skip more road trips to stay with his family.  Look for Roger to pull a few strings and try to get the Astros to promote his son Koby to the Corpus Christi Hooks (Double A club located in Texas).  Third baseman Koby has played just nine games at Class A with the Tri City ValleyCats in New York.  In addition, Roger has a ten-year agreement to work for the Astros after retirement to work with the club's young players.

After pitching in the World Baseball Classic, expect Clemens to take a few months off and return to the Astros around mid-June.  His salary will certainly be less than $18MM, and the team will hopefully have acquired the improved offensive players Clemens desires.   


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Agreed. There is a reason that Houston did not go to Arby. with Clemens. Roger made 18.022 Mil last year and based on his performance he was all but going to get another raise to 20M or so. WORST case the Arbitrator can only get Clemens Salary to 15M.

Clemens stated on the Dan Patrick show the team needs to add to the offense and if he comes back its icing on the cake. Roger is not dumb, he knows Houston wont give 20 mil in payroll to the new offensive guys (on going rumors) and then have him come back for another 20 M also. I believe the plan is to aquire that talent on offense, and then come back for slightly less, call it a discount, or call it less money for not playing a whole year....put either way, I see that happening, Clemens has been lights out the first five months of the last two year, with age catching up to him in the post season. Having Clemens back in 06 for 5 months, vs 7 makes sense, especially considering he would be starting earlier then ever in the World Baseball thing.
Maximize Clemens results, maximize offense with some of that money and retain Roger, I believe a gentlemans agreement was made here.

Clemens needs to shave the first two months off of the season. He was absolutely atrocious in September and in the playoffs and really didn't give the Astros much of a chance, because he visibly broke down physically. It also could be very possible that he plays in the world baseball classic and realizes he's not capable to pitch even half a season anymore.

Clemens had the deal of a lifetime last year. It would be ridiculous for Clemens to play somewhere else. I agree with the headline, it's either Astros or retirement for the Rocket.

i think clemens needs to retire. It would be rediculous for a team to give him such a huge contract again. although that was one of his best seasons ever, there is no way he deserves that kind of money.

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