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Carl Crawford On The Block?

A source close to the Devil Rays' scouting department filled me in recently on their outfielder extravaganza. 

It's well known Joey Gathright is on the block.  If you're looking for a scrappy player with no power who runs real fast, Gathright is your man.  It's unknown whether Gathright can make his on-base skills shown at Triple A Durham translate to the big leagues, but some team besides the Rays will find out soon enough.  I'm not yet able to narrow down the list of his suitors to a single digit number.

Infinitely more interesting than Gathright is the possibility (albeit slim) that Carl Crawford could be dealt.  Crawford was "a little shocked" by Rocco Baldelli's deal, and rightfully so.  After all, where was Baldelli while Crawford was busy being the 10th best LF in the game in '05?  2006 could be the year Crawford busts out and hits 20 HR.

According to my source, the Angels are hot on the trail of Baldelli, Gathright, and Crawford.  The Rays are quite enamored with 22 year-old righthander Ervin Santana.  Santana had a solid rookie season in '05, winning 12 games for the Angels.

Another team in the running for Crawford is the White Sox.  They're not entirely sold on Brian Anderson in center field for a defending World Champion, and the Devil Rays are asking for Brandon McCarthy and/or Josh Fields

McCarthy pitched with a vengeance in September and October of 2005, tossing 43 innings of 1.69 ERA ball.  He led the Minor Leagues in strikeouts in 2004. 

Third baseman Josh Fields is in the Sox's top ten prospect list for sure.  However, he was just OK at Double A Birmingham in '05, hitting .252/.341/.409 in 477 at-bats.  Fields is a hard worker, but still needs plenty of seasoning in the minors.

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Sox wont trade Mccarthy. Anything about the cubs getting crawford?

sox wont trade Mccarthy. Anything about the Cubs getting Crawford.

Yeah, probably not. That wouldn't be smart. Though Williams did deal Jeremy Reed.

Nothing about Crawford/Cubs.

lol I love how it is all like cubs fans on here.

The Rays aren't trading Crawford anywhere. Friedman and Sternberg were the ones behind Crawford's new deal - not Lamar and Naimoli. The Rays are going to deal Gathright, Hall, Huff, Baez, and Lugo. Crawford is as likely to get dealt as the Braves winning an October series.

I did mention that the chances were slim.

There has got to be something about the Orioles going on right. A real honest to goodness shot at something hapenning, please.

If I get any O's info I'll post it dude...

"Though Williams did deal Jeremy Reed"? Yeah, he did, Cubbie fan, and he got a horse in Freddy Garcia. Go check Reed's line for the year, and tell me how that was a bad deal... we got the winning combo this year, and that's all that matters. :D

Oh no, not the ever elusive Jeremy Reed who hit .400 at one stint in his minor league career. Oh well, now we have Anderson/Young/Owens/Sweeney left in our OF. Damn these problems we have.

You missed the point, both of you. Point was that Williams hasn't been afraid to put a top prospect in a deal, so McCarthy could go. You guys are paranoid.

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