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Dodgers Nab Nomar

According to ESPN.com and other sources, the Dodgers have signed Nomar Garciaparra to a one-year deal worth between $6 and $8MM.  He'll play first base, a position he's never played in his Major League career.  The move from shortstop to first shouldn't be a major hurdle.  Grady Little will have an extra infielder on his hands when Cesar Izturis returns, but that's not really a bad thing.

The Dodgers have begun to craft a solid veteran lineup.  They will be relying on the health of players like Garciaparra, J.D. Drew, and possibly Reggie Sanders.

With Garciaparra off the free agent market, the options are slim for the Orioles and Astros.  Both have vacancies they hoped to fill via free agency.  The Astros will likely settle for Rondell White or Juan Encarnacion for their outfield.  A signing would illustrate a lack of confidence in Jeff Bagwell's ability to play first base on a regular basis.  A retirement would be a classy move by Bagwell that would save the team $17MM.  Obviously he's entitled to the full terms of his contract, but maybe the team can convince him to retire with a $10MM buyout.  The Astros are already on the hook for Bagwell's $7MM buyout for 2008.

This offseason, the Orioles managed to snag the best available catcher in Ramon Hernandez and upset Javy Lopez in the process.  Look for Lopez to be shipped off in what's become a buyer's market.  After all, Bengie Molina is still available and could take a one year deal at this point.  Lopez will make $8.5MM in the last year of his contract in 2006.  Lopez could be a decent fit in San Diego should the Padres realize that Doug Mirabelli is not a starting catcher.

A Damon signing doesn't make sense for the Orioles at this point, who probably don't have the players to place better than 4th in the AL East.  The O's should ship catcher Eli Whiteside and/or a mid-level pitching prospect off to Philadelphia for Jason Michaels.  They can promote outfielder Nick Markakis by midseason to round out the outfield.


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Hmmm, Jeff Kent?

My guess is that this is a win-now type of team, and they'll hang on to Kent unless they fall out of the race.

The Phils would want Whiteside why? How is he a better prospect than Carlos Ruiz, who has hit for average and power at AA and AAA and has a great defensive rep? I'm not averse to trading Michaels, but the return will have to be better than a 26 year-old catcher who put up a .283 OBP at Ottawa.

Michaels is worth more than a poorer version of a minor league catcher we already have.

Whats the over/under on Nomar heading to the DL? Ill say May 20th.

What do you guys think would be fair value for Michaels? Whiteside is known for his defense, keep in mind.

We have no real need for a catcher, unless its a cant miss all around prospect. Jaramillo will probably get a shot at the starting job in 2007, and if not then, 2008. Ruiz is a better version of Whiteside, and he played an entire year at AAA, hitting .300, after guys questioned his ability to hit.

For Michaels, Id expect to get either a top 10 prospect who might be a few years away, or a 4/5 starting pitcher. Michaels is more valuable to us than he is to just give away for a player that wont really help us now or down the road. Obviously he wont get us a guy like Matt Cain, but LA has a ton of prospects, especially arms, and they might want Michaels to start, not be a 4th OF like he will be in Philly.

Maybe a Jonathan Broxton type, if the Phils could get him.

Id do that in a heartbeat. Apparently Colleti has said the only untouchable in their system is Billingsley.

Rumormonger, you do realize the phillies are not a minor league affiliate for the rest of the league. Every trade you propose seems to be a get something for nothing deal. No respect.

why don't the yankees sign molina if he wants a one year dea? they can move jorge to DH so his option doesn't kick in. they currently do not have an everyday dh. i think it could work

I don't intend to pile on, but I do have to agree that Eli Whiteside is not a major league talent and is not worth any kind of major league talent (i.e. Michaels). Say what you will about his trade value around the league, but I think J-Mike has proven himself to be worth at least a little bit more than a 4A catcher who will never make any kind of impact in the big leagues.

Broxton for Michaels? Sign me up.

Calm down Phils fans, I was just throwing a name out there. Maybe it's Hayden Penn, I don't know. Keep in mind that most teams are skeptical that Michaels is an everyday player, and he has had some off the field issues. So you have to consider it from a non-Phils fan point of view as well.

His off the field issues seem like an isolated incident, and hey, who doesnt love to party in Old City? I just think we need more than a fringe prospect catcher for him. He is an on base machine.

OK, agreed. He's definitely worth more than Eli Whiteside. Personally, I think whoever he beat up should be a non-issue. But it could diminish his trade value a little.

The beauty of Michaels is, he fits in perfectly as a 4th OF for us, because he can play any of the three OF positions, especially in our smallish park. Hes good against both LH and RH pitchers, and is good defensively, not spectacular. The best part, though, is that he still has a few years of arbitration ahead of him, and he made a measly 825k last year.

I agree with what Flip said. Posada has a vesting option for $13 mil and I do not believe the Yankees want him around.

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