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Matt Morris San Francisco Projection

The always reliable Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Matt Morris is close to signing a deal with the Giants.  This has been speculated for some time now, and I created a projection for Morris as a Giant about a month ago.  I figured I'd try to get some more mileage out of that RotoAuthority post.

New at RotoAuthority today is my Prince Fielder projection.  Prince is nearly a lock for 30 HR, and a must-have in fantasy baseball.

Finally, we've got new material at HoopsBuzz - seems that Ron Artest has demanded a trade.


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there is no way fielder will hit 36 homers. he only had 2 in 39 games with the brewers last year

He wasn't palying regularly, and that's not a valid sample size. I'd bet good money he hits 25, although I really expect 36.

Sample size too low. Look at the AAA numbers for a better picture. He could easily blast 36, but oftentimes young power hitters struggle in their first bigtime roles -- Adam Dunn, Mark Teixeira, and Justin Morneau come to mind in recent years. I think we'll see a .250/.310/.450 with 22 HR out of him before we see the breakout year. Speaking of which, a RotoAuthority Morneau projection would be interesting. I think he'll have a nice rebound season. A great fantasy strategy is to look for the young power hitters as awesome posthype pickups after their early struggles.

how about a rotoauthoriy projection of juan pierre and mark prior

any news on bradley to cubs?

Valid point, Andrew - Morneau is definitely a counterexample. I will do a post on it, but I think he'll hit more than 30 HR in '06.

y is it taking so long for hendry to do smthing i thought he had a trade in place for bradley, basically walker stragiht up, and i thout he would have traded patterson to the diamondbacks, preferably with prospects to get vasquez, but at least for someone such as kroeger who needs a fresh start

I'm sure he's working on something. Who knows what other deals have come along that might be better than the Bradley one. I for one would prefer Cliff Floyd and you never know if he's talking with the Mets and we just haven't heard.

The season doesn't start for several months. We can afford to be patient.

That being said, he sure as hell better get something major done to put the finishing touches on this lineup because we are 1 solid RF away from being very good assuming we don't have to replace Walker.

yah exactly, tejada would be nice in a three team deal with zona, but im not worried about that, if the cubs can get bradley or floyd, even for walker, and get a lugo
there gonna be a very good team they dont need a huge trade

Whoa...when did Milton Bradley get good? Am I missing something? He's a notch below Rondell White with the same injury history.

Uhh, Milton Bradley is probably a top ten CF. Good fielder, good power numbers, good average, decent patience, decent speed. He's pretty young too. If he stays healthy and doesn't accuse every teammate of racism, he's a

...good player. And a very valuable player because he plays a good center field.

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