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Rangers Snag Vicente Padilla

Spurned in his attempts to trade for Adam Eaton, new Rangers GM settled for right-handed starter Vicente Padilla to fill in the back end of his rotation.  Padilla was going to be nontendered by the Phillies anyway, so Daniels only had to give up a player to be named later, likely a C level prospect.

At his best, Padilla went 14-11 with a 3.28 ERA for the 2002 Phillies.  That year was marked by low home run and walk rates for Padilla.  He's still only 28, and 2005 was an injury-plagued year.  Triceps tendonitis and other maladies may have contributed to Padilla's worst walk rate since 2000.  Ameriquest Field will not be a better pitching environment than Citizens Bank Park; in fact both parks inflate home runs about 20%. 

Padilla will probably post an ERA a bit worse than league average (league average is 4.35) and could provide 200 innings for the Rangers.  At $4MM or so, that's quite a bargain.  Scott Elarton will be at least that bad and is looking for a three-year deal.  Padilla marks a second solid acquisition by Daniels after his fleecing of Jim Bowden for Brad Wilkerson


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Sorry, have to disagree with that analysis. Padilla was going to be non-tendered, so was there any need for Daniels to give up anything at all? Padilla is probably the most uncoachable player Ive ever seen. He only ever stepped up when he was about to lose his job. He has no focus on the mound, he only wants to throw fastballs, and when he gets runners on base, forget it.

The 200 innings projection is generous. He did that his first two years as a starter, and hasnt come close in the last two years. Injuries, poor performance when healthy, and a love for the booze...not great qualities to look for in a starter. Sure, he "might" pitch well, but not for four million. The Phillies are better suited letting Gavin Floyd get hammered every 5th day and paying him the league minimum than dealing with Padilla. At least Floyd is 22 and coachable.

There is no way he'll reach 200 innings. No way. He's too injury prone, and his drinking habits have caused him problems throughout his career. Guys get on base and he starts flipping out; he doesn't know how to handle pressure.

I don't know what the Rangers were thinking, but I guess he might be worth the gamble. Just not $4 million.

$4 million in today's market for pitching doesn't seem like too awful a gamble to me.

It should be fun to see what Gillick has up his sleeve in the next few days. I don't see them going into next season with Madson and Floyd/Tejeda/Brito as the last two starters. Even if they do go that way, they'll have to add a reliever (Bell for Sanchez? Looper?).

I don't love just giving up on Padilla (although he did have plenty of chances) for nothing, but I reserve the right to hold off on judging this move until the other shoe drops.

I like seeing some counterpoints. Hadn't considered the attitude problems. I did say that he could provide 200 innings, not that he would.

Compare Padilla's numbers with runners on base to other pitchers around the league and you'll find that they're very similar (Jon Lieber is pretty enlightening). The whole "He gets rattled! He's a space cadet!" thing was part of a thinly-veiled smear campaign executed by Phillies squawking head Chris Wheeler, wherein he'd pick on a guy who basically spoke no English. Attaboy, Chris, way to pick an easy target...

His 2005 numbers are badly skewed by an awful early season, when might have been rushing back too soon from an injury. No matter what, he was the Phils' best pitcher in July and August.

As someone who watched every Phillies game over the last five seasons, the part about him being rattled with runners on base is true. It simply is. He lost all focus. This money is going to spent in another spot I think, and people will forget Padilla.

Rumor, any word on who the player to be named is? One report said it would either be Ricardo Rodriguez or an infielder in the minors, another report said it would be Mench of a prospect (Mench seems highly unlikely), and another report just said someone not on the 40 man roster.

He was their best pitcher in July and August, but that only highlights his extreme inconsistency. Injuries led to a bad 2004 and early 2005, but even when healthy, he'd give up many runs one night, shut down the other team another night, then give up some more run the next time.

It's not that he's a bad pitcher. He's average. But then you throw in his attitude issues (NOT his runners on base thing, I never bought that, but definitely his uncoachability, which is valid, and his extreme isolation from his teammates, even other Latino teammates), and you see that this is a good move for both teams, Rangers b/c they need a pitcher, and Phillies b/c they need to move on.

Some players just have bad karma with some teams... this is one of those cases.

"or a prospect" not "of a prospect"...lol, I suck at the internet.

Don't have anything to add on the PTBNL, sorry...it won't be a player of any consequence.

James, if you're implying that I don't "watch the games" then you're wrong. I never really noticed Padilla getting "rattled" more than anyone else, but I can see how Wheeler's constant harping and "here we go again!" comments would make someone think that was the case. Wheeler just had it in for Padilla; he must have run over his dog or shtupped his girlfriend or something.

Virtually every pitcher is worse with runners on base, but I don't really see much of anything to indicate that Padilla was significantly worse than any other comparable pitcher in this regard.

Ed, your description -- "Lots of runs one night, dominate another night, then give up more runs" sounds like almost any pitcher in the league not named Johan, Roger, Roy, Dontrelle, etc.

I think my main issue is that I don't see how the Phillies, in the current market, are going to be able to apply the approx. $4M Padilla would probably make this year to a player of similar ability with a similar upside. When you've got Abraham Nunez pulling in almost $2M a season, you know the market is effed up.

I wasnt implying you didnt watch the games, I was just saying that in my opinion, the comment about him being poor with runners on wasnt fabricated.

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