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Soriano, Benson, Casey Deals Close

Wow, I stepped out for a couple of hours and a billion trades/rumors occurred.  Here's three, with more in-depth analysis to come tomorrow.

Peter Gammons is saying the Dodgers are close to acquiring Alfonso Soriano for Jonathan Broxton.  I suppose Soriano could take over at third base; he's yet to play a Major League game in the outfield.  Broxton would fit well in either the starting rotation or the 'pen.  The hefty right-hander split time between the roles at Double A Jacksonville in 2005.  One of Broxton's specialties (besides the palmball) is limiting the home run, a trait that will come in handy in a ballpark that inflates homers by 19%.

The Mets dumped Kris Benson and his salary on the Royals, acquiring southpaw reliever Jeremy Affeldt and perhaps Mike MacDougal.  Affeldt has pretty lousy control and just an OK strikeout rate for a reliever; I'm not sure why everyone's saying that he'll shore up the Mets' middle relief.  MacDougal at leasts boasts a career 8.5 K/9.  As for Benson, Kauffman Stadium isn't much worse of a place to pitch than Shea.  But with the Royals' defense behind him, he'll still see his ERA go up at least half a run. 

The Reds unloaded Sean Casey's salary on the Pirates.  Hopefully Casey will just be a stopgap until Brad Eldred learns to take a walk.  Dave Williams gives up plenty of homers and allows plenty of baserunners, so his transition to Great American Ballpark will be anything but great.  The move probably takes Austin Kearns off the market, as the outfielder logjam is solved now that Adam Dunn will play first. 


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Sounds like a great deal for the Dodgers....I know they got a surplus of middle infielders, but if kent can play first and soriano can play third, thats a pretty strong defensive infield....Especially up the middle (Izturis and Furcal)

y the hell dont the cubs trade that for soriano giive like mitre and koronka, just as good as broxton henry is a retard

Mitre and Koronka do not compare to Broxton.

fine well hell id trade rich hill and mitre for broxton rich hill compares to broxton if not beates him correct

i meant for soriano

Seriously hurts Soriano's numbers for '06.

Home: .315/.355/.656
Road: .224/.265/.374

but imagine him putting those road numbers up all 82 games in chavez ravine... and this deal was fair.

is this another one of those Wilkerson-Cadeno, Burnett Cardinal deals, or one we should take seriously.

Soriano? That was reported by Gammons.

In this rumored deal between the Braves, DRays, and BoSox, if the Braves get Rentaria would that put M.Giles on the block???

Did Renteria move to second? No? Then why are you asking if Giles will be on the block?

I really enjoy this site, but I'd stop referring to deals as "done" or players as "dealt" until there's very reliable evidence that an agreement has been made. In this case, the Casey deal fits the bill. The other two are still not done deals though.

Point taken, Andrew. To me, it's mostly syntax. MetsBlog did call the Benson deal "more or less done," although all Gammons said was "close to acquiring." Maybe I'll change the title slightly.

Cool, I was just recalling the Juan Pierre to the Cubs mini-fiasco :P

On an unrelated note, what do you think about the Marte to the Twins rumors? What seems to be the going rate for Kyle Lohse and/or JC Romero?

Yeah, Pierre made some people angry. You have to be very careful with wording, I guess.

I think Marte to the Twins makes so much sense that Ryan won't find a way to make it happen. There's interest, but it'll take a lot more than Lohse/Romero. Maybe a Crain and more. Seems the Braves will give up Marte to get Renteria, though. The Twins can't really fill a need like that, unless they broker a similar 3 way deal.

Yeah, you have to remember, the internet is serious business :P


Heard any rumblings about Baltimore's potential interest in Lohse? Local papers said that Ryan met with the Orioles about him yesterday. IMHO, Jay Gibbons is the only guy who really makes sense.

Haven't seen the Lohse rumblings...that deal could work OK. Not sure what's really in it for the O's, it doesn't seem to make them better.

Dave Williams is a great pick-up for any team...other than Pittsburgh, obviously. His numbers away from PNC Park were phenominal and his era on the road last year was like 2.50. I think people will be surprised at how evenly that trade comes out.

The Pirates were dumb to spend so much on a .790 OPS first baseman. I like the deal because it allows Cincy to develop Wily Mo and Kearns.

Of the two trades Jim Hendry supposedly proposed on Tuesday, one is definitely to the Marlins for Pierre. But while the talk is that the second outstanding offer is to Tampa, I hear it is actually to Texas: Rich Hill and Roberto Novoa for Alfonso Soriano, with some TBD cash coming back to the Cubs. FWIW.

Not sure if this was reported on this site yet or no, but Latroy Hawkins for Steve Kline. It appears the Os intentd to make Hawkins their closer. As a true blue cubs fan, I can say authoritvely, BAD IDEA.

foxsports.com.....Soriano to LA deal is NOWHERE close to being done

ESPN's website is reporting that Florida has agreed to the Pierre trade with the Cubs--Florida gets Sergio Mitre, Ricky Nolasco and Renyel Pinto in exchange. Three prospects for Pierre seems like highway robbery, considering Florida gave away LoDuca for ONE prospect, Castillo for just TWO prospects, Beckett AND Lowell for just TWO prospects.

But then, every GM in baseball knows they have Jim Hendry over a barrel, and they're holding his feet to the fire.

Your Pierre deal came true in the end. Good job :D

Mitre is hardly a prospect Nolasco is a reliever candidate from what I've heard and Pinto was a nice prospect a couple of years ago but I don't remember what kind of season he had last year. Not quite Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez nor do I consider them even quite as high as Gaby though that's very close. I think this deal does show one thing no one is going to get a CF cheaply barring the Rowand for Thome thing and that's only because I think Thome is done.

Nolasco is the Cubs best control pitcher in the minors. He may have been able to make the rotation in 2007, with Maddux and Wod eaving. Pinto has GREAT stuff but at times he loses his control. This is alot to give up for a one year player.

The Reason I asked about Rentaria was because the Braves want to cut payroll. If they bring in a guy that makes $10 million a year that is hardly cutting payroll. Especially when they were only willing to give $8 million to Furcal.

Boston would have to a pick up a majority of Renteria's salary. I don't think this would be a good deal for Atlanta/Boston. Marte/Renteria/Lugo, Boston would get an overacheiving Lugo, Atlanta would get a high paid SS for how long, 1 season?? Tampa would be the benefactor with one of the top prospects in baseball.

the cubs better also go after soriano or a pitcher if this was hendrys ig and only move then i dont like it

Nolasco and Pinto are both lefties who dominated Double A at the age of 22....both have a high ceiling and could be starters in 2 years.

With the acquisition of Soriano, the Dodgers are moving Jeff Kent to 1B to accomodate the move.

soriano hasnt been aquired yet and nolasco and pinto are good but the cubs have better, rich hill is much better as well as angel guzman, and john koronka and jerome williams, once wood and maddux are gone trhose guys would be the first to start not nolasco and pinto, and the dodgersinfield has all players playing their wrong positions, their fielding will be terrible

In reference to Bob's comment about Nolasco being the Cubs' best control pitcher...he has a career 2.82 BB/9 in the minors, and had a mark over 3.5 when he tried Iowa. That's not all that great.

For sure, Braveswin...getting Marte for a mere Lugo is a steal.

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