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Update: Kearns For Jerome Williams

According to Bruce Levine of ESPN Radio 1000, the Austin Kearns trade talk has gotten serious and Jerome Williams, not Sergio Mitre, would be included in the deal.

This new incarnation of the deal seems more equitable.  Unlike Mitre, Williams has had success in the Major Leagues in his career.  He pitched 106 innings after being dealt to the Cubs for LaTroy Hawkins, posting a 3.91 ERA and 1.35 WHIP.  Williams posted a spectacular 2.10 ERA in five September starts. 

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I'd prefer Sergio to go, although I do not think Kearns is going to be the answer for the Cubs. The Cubs should trade with the D-Rays for both Gaithright and Crawford if he truly is on the blocks.

Army Man, you don't drink the bong water.If you think that both of those guys are available, and that we can land them both, then you are crazy. Crawford isn't going anywhere. I like the idea of getting Gathright. I don't see why bringing him AND Kearns won't satisfy anyone. If this deal goes through it looks like I'll be the only happy Cub fan.

the cubs need to land a big name player little dinky 2.60 players wont cut it they have plenty of those, wat do u think jeromy burnitz was, the cubs need a crawford, a pierre thecubs need pierre and a millwod or washburn, now that theyve failed on furcal Hendry should getg off his ass and spend that 30 mill go after soriano or a second baseman too

I don't think we could get both, but it would be worth a shot. Kearns is going to be a bust in my mind. He is injured often (We don't need another guy like that)and really hasn't proved himself as a ligit starter over a stretch (Which Gathright hasn't really established himself yet either). He also strikes out quite a bit. A more realistic trade would be to get Pierre and sign someone like Jones or Wilson. Yes?

yes buut the cards or getting jones i think we can leave a gap in right or start patterson and pray for pie to be great or even good but we cant have our middle infield being cedeno and walker y dont we trade walker kronka pattersona dn like williams screw kearns and try to get zito
thehn our pitching is set and hitting wont matter as muhc

What people refuse to believe is that Pierre is an extremely overrated player(.326 OBP) , whose value is inflated due to the extremely thin free agent market. Pierre is an awful center fielder, whose arm is so weak, he probably couldn't make the throw from third to first if he had to. If Hendry doesn't land Pierre, he will likely get ripped in the media undeservingly. Gathright is a younger, faster, cheaper version of Pierre, which is why I like the idea of getting him over Pierre. Also, Kearns' injuries have been more the result of bad luck (i.e. getting beaned in the wrist) than him being wreckless or out of shape. Kearns was practically begging to get shipped to Chicago last August, making it clear he'd love to play for the team he grew up cheering for. If that isn't the ideal change for scenery I don't no what is. If he can avoid getting hurt via some unlucky twist of fate, Kearns will break out, and all of you will be wrong. An outfield of Murton, Kearns, and Gathright would do plenty in support of what is already the best 1-2 punch in the bigs in Lee and Ramirez (that's assuming Manny is out of Boston).

UPDATE: According to MLB.com, Hendry did not discuss Kearns today. Not sure where Ofman and Levine got the info.


The thing that scares me is that Jim Hendry has expressed intrest in Kearns before. Trading Williams would be a mistake. The reds get the better of the deal if this happens. Williams is only 23 years old and has showed potential to be a star in the game. Williams has a good health record and he is worth so much more then Austin Kearns. If Jerome williams is traded it should be for either Barry Zito or Derek Lowe

If one is to believe the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review http://pittsburghlive.com/x/tribune-review/sports/pirateslive/s_401119.html the Reds are willing to trade Casey to the Pirates for pitching (Kip Wells) & therefore move Adam Dunn to 1B and have an OF of Griffey, Kearns, & Pena. If they move Casey, then odds are they won't also trade Kearns. From the Reds perspective, it's better for them to trade Casey & his $8 million salary for 2006 than a much cheaper Kearns.

Williams is way to valuable of a player to be dealt for Kearns. Kearns had one good beggining, which is looking more and more like a fluke, while Williams has pitched solidly in his first season and since he came over to the Cubs (after his family problems were over).

This is a bad deal is it goes down.

Naw, Hendry can keep eating his donuts and bellying up to the hotel bar, we don't need no stinkin' deals. We've already got Patterson in CF and now John Mabry in RF, with Neifi at SS and Jose Macias at 2B. What more could the Cubs possibly need??

Pennant fever baby, catch it!!!

The Chicago Tribune with more on the Cubbies:


Confirming many of the usual suspects. But will Hendry's trade bait really be enough to bring back something good?

Rock, First of all Patterson is most likely not coming back. Second of all this team does not even contend with the Cards without a lead off hitter. Third of all Mabry is our 4th out fielder who isnt expected to be an opening day starter. More the less a plan if Murton Fails to prove himself. We need to become more left handed Kearns is not the answer. Nefi and Jose are back ups to Ronny Aramis and Todd. There is still so much to do but i wouldnt trade Jerome just yet.


Austin's numbers at wrigley are crazy. I'd be willing to get rid of Williams for him. He plugs a hole and the cubs do have a lot of starting pitching... besides wood hahaha

Kearns is vastly overrated and has a questional work ethic as evidenced by his demotion to AAA last year. He's still living off of his one good year. I would prefer to keep CPat than get Kearns!

Secondly Cubs have the best 1-2 punch in baseball?? Cubs don't even have the best 1-2 in their division... Pujols - Edmunds.

Cubs need to get Huff, Lugo, & Pierre.

Am I the only Cubs fan that knows how to spell Jim Edmonds?

Carl Crawford is NOT on the block ...he just signed a long term deal to remain a D-Ray for another 6 yrs.... go away!!!!!!!!

ESPN's Jayson Stark reported that the Phillies have had discussions with the Cubs about sending all-star Bobby Abreu and a prospect to the Cubs for pitcher Mark Prior. The Cubs approached the Phillies at the winter meetings to see what it would take to acquire Abreu, whom they covet. The Phillies replied "Prior". The Cubs never said yes or no and discussions are ongoing. The Cubs have pitching with Maddux, Zambrano, Wood, Hill, Williams and Mitre, but lack offensive punch behind Aramis and Derek Lee....Abreu is a perfect fit for them.

I read that one, but it seems like something Hendry would say "no" to given that Prior is cheap and hasn't cracked his potential.

Levine on Radio 1000 quoted Hendry as saying that Prior/Abreu ain't happening.

I just made a great trade. The Mounds Bar from my mini-bar for 2 bearclaws. The joke is on Bavasi, I'm allergic to coconut. I'm gonna need to get a whole slew of elastic waisted pants after these meetings. It's good to be me.

Levine on AM-1000 this morning also said that the Cubs were talking to the Reds about Adam Dunn. Geez. Why doesn't Levine just say that the Cubs are interested in ANY outfielder? It doesn't seem that these rumors are nothing more than fodder - other than Pierre, none of these rumors seem serious.

I think that if the Cubs could get Abreu, it would make up for the loss of Furcal. Hendry really blew that deal. But they would be completely idiotic if they traded Prior for Abreu. I like the suggestion of Williams/Hill or Mitre/Hill for Abreu, but there would have to be another prospect involved in order for that trade to be completed. I also like the suggestion for Dunn. It is highly unlikely though. Do not make the trade for Kearns! He is an absolute fluke.

Also no to Aubrey Huff. He is past his prime and no better than Burnitz.

If it takes Felix Pie to get an Abreu or Dunn, I think that's a deal worth making. The Reds wouldn't need Pie unless another outfielder was moved, though.

In my opinion, yes you are right Rumormonger as long as the Cubs can get Gathright to plug that potential Pie has or Patterson can break out of his funk. But no Dunn, he strikes out way too much.

CC for DLee Straight Up.

You have to be kidding me! Why in God's name would the Cubs even Consider trading DLee? Even Carl Crawford isn't that good.

I wish almost all of you would stop talking because 90% of you have no clue what you're talking about. Prior is not going anywhere. And D-Lee and Ramirez is much better than Pujols and Edmonds. D-Lee and Pujols are almost equal, with Pujols probably a little better, and Aramis is better than Edmonds, who is near retirement and on the decline. You would be foolish to take Pujols and Edmonds as the best one two in the league, especially considering Edmonds' age.

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