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Unfounded Rumors

Inevitably someone will sneak in here and say that none of my rumors have a foundation.  Well, they do, but I am thinking of starting a segment here called Unfounded Rumors.  It'll just be a dumping ground of things I couldn't confirm.  Maybe it was heard through the grapevine, on a message board, or from a source I don't know too well yet.  Doesn't make it any more true or false, I just can't vouch for it at the moment.  A lot of things end up in my inbox that would at least make good fodder for discussion.  I figured that this is a rumor site, so I might as well add fuel to the fire for the fun of it.  So that's your disclaimer.

An insider over at the Orioles Hangout message board says the Orioles will trade a starting pitcher soon.  Could be Erik Bedard, Rodrigo Lopez, or Hayden Penn.  Speculation is that the Orioles would love to swap a starter for a power hitter now that they've added Kris Benson.  I know some Oriole fans are clamoring for Adam Dunn, and at the very least we know the Reds will be more open to trading with O'Brien gone.

Speaking of Adam Dunn, a source tells me that the Reds have been talking to the Dodgers about him.  Derek Lowe or Brad Penny may be involved.  He also tells me that Boston could send Brandon Moss to Cincy along with Matt Clement.  It would be part of a three-way deal where Austin Kearns and Moss land in Cleveland.  I think Coco Crisp would then end up in Boston.  Yeah, I just confused myself, but maybe you can sort that one out.

Jay Payton could be on the block, but the Zito rumors seem to be running cold.  I guess Beane said recently that any team trading for Zito would be "ripped off," indicating that Zito will stay unless he's blown away.

The Devil Rays might be looking at Russell Branyan for a minor-league deal.  Branyan has slugged .518 against righties over the last three years.

Someone told me that a Griffey to the Braves rumor was floating around last week.  I'm not sure where it originated, but it would be a nice fit in my opinion.  Plus, the Braves would have the ammo to get it done.


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Are the Orioles nuts? Trade pitching because the acquisition of Benson makes another starter expendable?! They must have unwavering faith in Mazzone to work miracles with Kris.


Since the Red Sox were willing to move Marte to the Indians ... any chance the Red Sox renegotiate with Phils???

Abreu for Clement and Marte

"Abreu for Clement and Marte"

While were at how about Pavano, Andy Philips, and Sturtze for Abreu!

I wouldn't be surprised if the Red Sox wind up getting Kearns for themselves. He MAY not play the same kind of defense as Crisp in center, but he has big offensive potential and can be had without giving up Marte.

Griffey would be a nice fit for the Braves??? I guess he'd move into LF for us and bat 5th (between Andruw and Francouer) sliding LaRoche down to 7th. I thought that's why we would sign B. Giles, but why would we go and get Griffey for this purpose now. It makes now sense to me; I guess that's why it's unfounded.

Jo Pa...that was weak. I already called that someone would say that in the first sentence.

PleaseNo - if Giles made sense, why doesn't Griffey? Griffey really isn't cut out for CF now anyway.

if adam dunn is traded to a team that isnt the red sox i will be disapointed. i would gladly send clement (is he really that much worse than derek lowe?), youkilis, who grew up in cinci and was a huge reds fan and could fill their 1b or even 3b if/until encarnacion dosent pan out, and abe alvarez, a young pitcher who theyd control for a while. dunn is someone ive coveted for a while now.

A lot of Astros fans think he's a lock to play there, as Dunn is a Houston native.

Don't worry about the "unfounded rumor" statements...people don't have visit the site if they don't like it. They must come here for some reason, right? Anyway, if Dunn were made available, I would expect Hendry to jump in the mix pretty quickly. We all know how badly he's wanted Dunn for the last couple of years. Hendry's been a big fan of Kearns too, though. Griffey to the Braves makes a bit of sense to me as well, except that money matters could be a fairly harsh complication. If he could stay healthy, although he's faded badly defensively, you could be he would give Andruw some good pitches to look at.

oh, and the reds can have mota if they want too, i bet theyd take the 50-60 innings theyll get out of him and like it, unlike some people.

First, an official signing... the Cubs signed the best-named OF not to come up through the Clevelend system this decade, Angel Pagan, off the Mets' 40 man roster. It doesn't get much more official than this:

OK, and now i'm going beyond unfounded rumors into the land of idle speculation... the Cubs will have 41 men on their 40 man roster once they sign Wade Miller. The Miller signing should allow them to trade starting pitching, as they now have Zambrano/Prior/Wood/Miller/Maddux/Rusch/Williams/Hill as MLB-ready starters. I don't see them going to a 8-man rotation anytime soon, and they should only need 4 starters most of the time Miller and Wood are on the DL at the start of the season. The signing of Pagan could be a move to add OF depth in order to allow Hairston to move back to full time 2B duty. That may be something the Cubs are doing to improve middle IF depth so they can move Todd Walker.

There have been rumblings all winter that the Cubs are looking to deal Walker and Todd Wellemeyer. I wouldn't be surprised to see these two and a Cubs starter moved in the next few days for a corner OF or middle IF.

More idle speculation, this time on the Reds... While everyone is focusing on Kearns and Dunn, whither Ryan Freel? At this point, he isn't the starter at any position on the Reds' depth chart:

Freel played at 2B more than anywhere else last season, and the Reds (for some unknown reason) acquired Tony Womack from the Yankees in December. His next most frequently played position has been LF, where Wily Mo Pena is pencilled in. Finally, he was arrested earlier this month for the 2nd time in a year for alcohol-related charges (the charges for this arrest were dropped in exchange for Freel agreeing to enter a diversion program).

I wouldn't be surprised if the Reds were shopping Freel in much the same fashion the Cubs are shopping Walker. Come to think of it, a Walker+Wellemeyer for Freel deal makes sense for both teams in a lot of ways. Again, this isn't a rumor but rather idle speculation.

you know, i'd really love to have a guy like freel on the cubs.. so thats interesting that you point it out. i doubt cincinnati really has any reason to move him though..

I agree, Freel would make a great additions to the Cubs. That's something that I thought about earlier in the offseason, but, at that time with O'Brian as GM, I didn't think that they would let him go. Next, I would be really disappointed if they ended up trading Walker, which may happen. We have heavy right-handed lineup as it is, and Walker's a good hitter and contact hitter. I'd like to see him batting behind Pierre when right-handers are on the mound this year.

Griffey to the Braves would be cool, if Cinncy picks up 50-75% of the salary. Atlanta does have the players to make it happen. Probably a Ramirez or Davies, pitching prospect, Langerhans or K.J. for Griffey. Griffey would play LF. I personally would like to see it happen being a Braves fan and Griffey fan.

Every year the Ken Griffey JR to the Braves pops up. Its not happening. The braves have 6 million left to spend this year and even less for next season. While he would be an upgrade in LF if he played 150 games he hasnt in 5 years. The reds would have to eat all of griffeys deffered money which is 57.5M and then he would only cost the braves 6.5 million a year.

There is no way this happens.

Looks like one of these unfounded rumors had something to it:


HAHA that Devil ray rumor was mine!

shawngoldman: I'd love to have Freel's speed and versatility on the Cubs, but I'm not too keen on taking his off-the-field problems into the clubhouse. Besides, like you said, the Reds now have Womack. So, even though he Womack sucks, no chance they're going to need Walker (especially since they'll need Womack's speed at the top of the order if they get rid of Freel). So basically the Reds would be losing a very versatile lead-off hitter for a back-up second baseman and a relief pitcher who allows way too many base-on-balls.

As for the starter situation, I could see them trading Hill or Williams (or both), but only if they get another starter in return. Hill isn't MLB-ready--he has a fantastic curveball, but needs to fine-tune his change-up before he'll be able to succeed as a starter. Miller and Wood are not only both recovering from surgery, but both also have injury-history, so it wouldn't make sense to dump a starter or two unless you get another starter in return. I do think they'd consider a trade for a non-SP later in the season, should Guzman or Hill step up or if Woody and Miller stay healthy, but not at this point in time.

There are only two things the Reds will trade to for. #1 is a very good looking starting pitcher prospect who is ready for the bigs or #2 they are looking for someone to become the new closer. Cincy won't make a trade for Walker and even though Freel has had his off the field problems Jerry Narron loves the guy when he is playing ball. Kearns in my opinion is the most likely to go. Cleveland apparently at one time this offseason offered Westbrook for Kearns and O'brien said no. I look for the Reds to make some kind of significant move to improve the pitching staff before spring training starts. Brad Kullman who is filling in as GM is a pretty good deal maker. He brought Brandon Classen from the Yankees and Aaron Harrang from the A's in. I personally hope he ends up as the new GM but we will see.

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