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Cubs Interested In Juan Gonzalez

Now that it's February 20th, the trade and signing rumors aren't flowing as freely as they used to.  Occasionally we have to go to great lengths to dig up mildly intriguing rumors.  By great lengths I mean I had to bust out my high school Spanish textbook.

El Nuevo Dia is a Puerto Rican newspaper.  Yesterday, Hiram Alberto Torraca had an exclusive interview with former MVP Juan Gonzalez.  Gonzalez was last seen with the Indians, amassing a single at-bat before straining his hamstring.  If you want to register and can read Spanish, you can view the article here.  For the rest of you, allow me to do my best to give you the gist of it.

According to Gonzalez, the Cubs sent Carmelo Martinez to Puerto Rico to watch him swing the bat and run the bases.  [Note - Martinez is the hitting coach for the Cubs' rookie ball affiliate, as far as I can tell.]  The Cubs have yet to make an offer to Gonzalez because they wanted to observe him first.

Gonzalez has been practicing daily and says that the Red Sox and White Sox have also shown interest in him.  Juan Gone's thoughts on playing in the National League for the first time in his career:

"If I have to go the National League, I will do it.  With that there is no problem.  I am in the best condition of my life."

According to Gonzalez, Indians GM Mark Shapiro had promised a minor league invite for 2006 but didn't keep his word.  On the subject of money, Gonzalez had this to say:

"At this time, money does not matter to me.  What I want is to play and to achieve some goals.  If no contract is offered I will be tranquil and happy because I arrived at where wanted and I achieved many things."

It's anticipated that Gonzalez will see some time in the World Baseball Classic, although he has yet to be added officially to Puerto Rico's 30 man roster.

Gonzalez was last relevant in baseball in 2003, when he hit .294/.329/.572 for the Rangers in 327 ABs.  It seems that teams continue to be tantalized by Gonzalez's power even as he enters his age 36 season with a recent record of poor health.  Gonzalez has mashed lefties throughout his career, and would make an intriguing platoon partner for Jacque Jones to say the least.


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Hahaha....Carmelo Martinez

Hector Villanueva and Chico Walker. Respek.

"I am in the best condition of my life."


i just found that line a little out there. i do think he could provide a nice power bat off the bench against lefties. nl would be a mistake though.

Juan Gone's best chance would probably be to compete with Joe Borchard, Ross Gload, and Ben Grieve for the last outfielder spot on the White Sox. He could make a good backup DH a la Carl Everett in case Jim Thome gets injured again. But Juan Gone just cannot stay healthy.

I can't believe nobody is looking to get Gathright, I think he has the ability to be atleast a Juan Pierre and who knows what else. Have all the rumours to the Marlins fizzled out? Does every team have a leadoff hitter already set?

Devil Rays are asking for everyone's first borns.

Have you seen Gathright play? There's a reason why he isnt even starting in TB. He can't hit. He's fast thats it.

Wow this would be huge.. if the Cubs got Juan Gonzalez this would put us on the top. Imagine a lineup with Pierre,Walker,Lee,Ramirez,Gonzalez,Jones,Barrett... absolutely unbelievable, all i have to say is watch out bc if the cubs make this deal only injuries can stop us

Heh heh heh.

Good one, bsballislife!


I needed a little humor today!

Seriously, fellow Cubs fans, is Rickey Henderson still available? Has Hendry offered him a contract yet?

Yes, and Dusty said if Henderson comes, hes going to start him throughout the whole season.

[sarcasm] Nice! The Cubs OF will have the look of a Baker team. Henderson :) - Grissom - Gonzalez. With Neifi playing short, the Cubs should win over 110 games this year.

This team has a lot of veterans. Remember, team chemistry is the most important factor. [/sarcasm]

I hope that the Cubs are sold, which would end the MacPhail/Hendry/Baker/Tribune Co. era!

Where are the Albert Belle rumors??? He's only a young 39, still can beat the hell out of things!!!

actually he would be a pretty good fit for the Red Sox...at the very least they need a righthanded platoon partner for Trot Nixon

actually he would be a pretty good fit for the Red Sox...at the very least they need a righthanded platoon partner for Trot Nixon

Juan Gonzalez! watch out baby here we come

This season during the 7th inning stretch, instead of singing 'take me out to the ballgame', Dusty and Hendry will both sign Napoleon XIV's 'They're coming to take me away'.

Wtf. Why do the Cubs need to sign another injury-proned player. If we sign him to a minor league contract it better be league minnimun and he's gona stay in the minors over in single A low. So he won't come near us.


"Cubs take pass on Gonzalez"

Paul Sullivan
Published February 22, 2006

"MESA, Ariz. -- The Cubs worked out veteran outfielder Juan Gonzalez in Puerto Rico last week but decided not to offer him an invitation to spring training.

Gonzalez, 36, has 434 career home runs, but played in only one game for Cleveland last year and has been injury-prone for much of his career."

Wow, Paul Sullivan was all over that one.

The Cubs know hes injury prone, and he wa a guy mention in Conseco's book as one of the players who took steroids.

Who cares? It would've cost nothing to bring him in and see what he can do.

I have seen Gathright play. His minor league OBP is close to .400. In limited action in TBay he hit near .300. The reason why he isn't playing there is because they have perhaps the best and youngest OF in the league. You can only have so many leadoff hitters.

Word...Gathright can hit.

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