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Rangers Interested In Durazo

For one reason or another, free agent DH Erubiel Durazo has gotten little to no interest this offseason.  Durazo struggled through a lost season in 2005, which culminated in July Tommy John surgery.  He won't be able to help a team until summertime.

Still, the lack of interest seems odd to me.  Only the Rangers have considered him, and even then just as a minor-league invite to possibly back up Phil Nevin

Durazo had an awesome age 30 season in 2004 for the Athletics:  .321/.396/.523 in 511 ABs.  I kept thinking the White Sox would go after him this offseason, not fully realizing that he'd undergone Tommy John.  My ignorance caused me to rank Durazo 15th among all free agents this winter, probably my biggest gaffe on the list.  Another point working against him is that he needs to be the DH, and there are only 14 such spots in baseball.   

Nonetheless, Durazo will probably cost less than $1MM and could theoretically provide a .900 OPS in Texas for a half season.    


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One of the problems with him is that not only is he really only a DH he really can only hit lefties. His splits are redicilous.

.350 BA and a .980 OPS vs Lefties

.196 BA and a .566 OPS vs Righties

But he could make a very good pinch hitter

Never mind that last post those numbers were off of a very small sampling his real splits are very even

Yeah that's what I was gonna say...

For $1MM why doesn't a NL team pick him up for a DH.

No doubt dude, plug him in for some interleague games and pinch hitting and call it good. I mean he's better than John Mabry, even if he can't field.

look durazzo isnt that good

Yes but when Sammy Sosa and Darrell May are getting offered contracts you gotta think a lefty who can hit .270+ with some power would be at least getting a little attention. In the two years he played full time he put up 20 homers and a .800+ OPS that is decent enough that some team could use him.

How many National League teams can afford to carry a guy who just bats when they're only carrying five reserves? Unless you've got a Ryan Freel or a Damian Jackson who can play anywhere, you need the roster spot. And there aren't many American League DH spots left. He may have to play in AAA for a month or two and wait for an injury opening.

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