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Would The Marlins Trade Miguel Cabrera?

The Marlins are nearing a major decision on Miguel Cabrera: build around him or trade him for an unprecedented bounty.  The budding superstar will be 23 this season and hits arbitration for the first time next winter. 

Palm Beach Post journalist Joe Capozzi writes that GM Larry Beinfest declined comment on Cabrera's future with the team.  He points out that Cabrera may score a payday of $7-10MM in arbitration after the season.  Given that the Marlins didn't want to pay Josh Beckett $4-5MM this winter, it stands to reason that they may consider trading Cabrera during the 2006 season. 

Cabrera can play third base or the outfield corners.  He's obviously the type of player teams build around, with a laundry list of HOFers on his comparables list.  Frank Robinson, Albert Pujols, Vladimir Guerrero, Eddie Murray, Hank Aaron, and Johnny Bench all appear within his ten most similar players.  Cabrera would be a bargain if he was paid $15MM annually over the next five seasons.

I would expect the Yankees to pursue him aggressively if he's available, likely offering up the one gem in their farm system, Philip Hughes.  I could see the Angels getting involved if they'd be willing to surrender Howie Kendrick or Brandon Wood.  The Dodgers and Mets could also make a play.

One more note on Cabrera.  Ron Shandler's 2006 Baseball Forecaster had some interesting comments this year:

"He could get even better...a power spike may be on the horizon...as long as this is really all him."

I edited some stat-related stuff out of the comment, but that's the gist of it.  It certainly makes sense to call for 40+ HR seasons from Cabrera, but to imply steroid use?  I guess someone had to throw it out there; I hadn't seen it in print until now.  I can't judge Shandler for it; after all, we just witnessed a tainted era in baseball history.  Plus, I've been known to monger many a steroid rumor in my day. 

Hopefully players start getting on board for the Player's Promise Program to ease our concerns.  A description of this new non-profit program:

"The PBFA has asked each and every player with a MLB contract to sign a Players Promise which states that they will not use steroids or other performance enhancing drugs now or in the future. Since the program is not trying to conduct a "witch hunt" we will not be asking the players for any information regarding any previous use of these substances."


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I'd love to see him as a Cub. If he's truly available he would be a corner outfield upgrade over Murton or Jones...Preferably Jones. A new 3 year contract for Jones and the hype that is surrounding Murton probably zero this out. But, he's got everything you'd want in a player, inlcuding Youth. He'd do much better in a lineup with old buddies Lee and Pierre, as well as solid bats in Walker and Ramirez.


Would look pretty formidable, regardless of switching Cabrera/Ramirez.
It would also insulate more against the expected return to Earth by Lee this year.

But what to give up? The Farm. He's young enough not to be 'renting' and valuable enough to lock up, so why not trade some highly touted prospects? We'd have no immediate need for Pie if we got him to play right..let Murton/Jones platoon in left, Pierre and Cabrera. Solid outfield for a while. Pie, throw in Rich Hill and maybe a Theriot or Dopirak...decent position players with potential power. In a heartbeat if the Marlins would take it...

Can't see Miggy on juice...though I could see a few years added to his resume, a la Soriano.

The steroid insinuation could come from his weight jump - listed at 185 in 2003, now 218.

That kind of weight gain would be suspicious later in his career, I would think.

Obviously a mega deal for Cabrera isn't necessarily on the horizon, but it is fun to wonder what if and to try to equate some kind of minor league value to such a precious big league commodity.

The Angels would make a lot of sense...does Wood, Kendrick, and maybe Steven Shell get it done? How about Phillip Hughes (personal favorite of mine), Jose Tabata, and Eric Duncan/Tyler Clippard? Maybe Wang or Cano could be a part of a deal as well - seems the Marlins liked them back when the Pierre trade talks were at their high point.

The Dodgers have so many respected guys it is hard to trim the list down to a select few - Billingsley, Broxton, DeWitt, Elbert, Guzman, LaRoche, Martin/Navarro, maybe even Loney, Orenduff, Kemp, and Greg Miller. Some combo out of that bunch would seem doable, but I'm not nearly smart enough to figure it all out. The D'Backs would be another team with more than enough down on the farm to get something done for Cabrera.

There are plenty of Mets fans here - I'm sure they can figure out a fair offer. I'm guessing the first one includes Kaz Matsui, Shawn Bowman, and Brian Bannister...

Some other teams that could get involved may include (total speculation on my part of course) Baltimore, Boston, the Cubbies, White Sox, Tigers, Astros, Cardinals, and my surprise team...the A's. All of those teams probably have close to the resources of making a trade work as far as players go and all should also have enough cash to pay Cabrera in the short-term. Fun topic.

Dave, I agree with you that its reasonable for a guy to naturally add weight between age 18-22. I 'm just trying to read into Shandler's mind.

I'd love to see Cabrera in a Met uniform, but where does he play? I wouldn't move Wright, and I am DEFINATELY not trading him. Would Cabrera be willing to play some OF again? If so, they can have Milledge. Yeah, I said it.

rumormonger-any chance the cubs get him if the marlins are actually looking to deal him?

Not to be an annoying cubs fan who proposes lopsided deals but would something like pie, hill, and a few other good prospects get it done?

I think this is the deal where it is worthwhile to trade the farm if it is actually gonna happen.

The thing is that guys like Kendrick, Wood, and Hughes are on a whole different level than Pie. If Pie progresses even further and is just awesome this year, then maybe he's a top ten prospect.

a $7-$10 million yearly investment is a bargain when compared to a $4-$5 million yearly investment in Beckett considering the returns.

This is true, but even 80%of a Beckett season is worth a lot more than $5 mil.

80% of a Beckett season is only 15 starts.

I meant to say, 80% of a season. Which equals a Beckett season.

I actually think that the A's are an extremely good fit. Obvioulsy Billy wants Miguel Cabrera. The difference in Oakland is that so many players are easily expendable with their newfound depth. If Oakland Loses a Sp locked up for 4 years, the hit taken is not close to that of virtually any other team. A package of Blanton, Ellis, and say, Santiago Castilla (Jairo Garcia) may get the job done. The A's have a ton of 2b talent coming up, as well as the depth to trade someone such as Blanton. I am not saying that Oakland's situation makes it easier for them to overpay, but BB deffinetly would be willing to ante up.

What about the Brewers?

They certainely have the minor league depth to dip into for a trade, and new owner Mark Attanasio seems willing to take on payroll in sensible situations, and this would clearly be sensible.

On the field, 3rd base seems to be their weak(est) point in the infield right now, with Koskie/Hall/(some)Cirillo over there.

That infield makes me drool... With Fielder, Weeks, Hardy, and Cabrera, the Crew would have an infield locked up for at least throughout arby, all under 24 years old, and all of them would have been either within the top 30 prospects according to BA (Fielder, Weeks, and Hardy) or just absolutely dominant (Cabrera). Them, and infield super-sub Bill Hall (17 HR's last year I beleive) whose also only 25 years old, would make one of the best and youngest infields in the game.

If its at all possible for the Brew Crew, they should jump on it.

What about Zach Jackson, Yovani Gallardo, Hernan Iribarren, and Dana Eveland? (or anyone else in their system, and they've plenty of prospects with high ceilings or who are near major league ready)

I think it's important to keep in mind that Miguel Cabrera is still just 23 years old and is coming off a season in which he hit .323/.385/.561. It's going to take a whole hell of a lot to get him if he indeed hits the market.

I agree that Oakland makes a good fit and would be a fun darkhorse in the Cabrera sweepstakes, but I do kind of wonder if they have the top level talent required to land him - lots of depth in their system, yes, but not necessarily too many top end talents. I could be wrong though.

The Brewers also seem like a good darkhorse pick with lots of similar characteristics as Oakland - lots of promising young talent, new ownership, good to great talent evaluators, just too organizations generally on the rise. Again, I'm not sure they have the top level talent to get a deal done - considering Fielder, Weeks, and Hardy aren't going anywhere.

I think any mid-season deal with the Cubs starts with Pie and Pawelek. As much as I like those two (though I'm not nearly as high on Pie as others seem to be), more is needed to get this done.

Similarly, I think any deal involving the Mets would need to include Milledge and Pelfrey to start. Steep price for sure.

Being the resident Met freak, I have a proposal:

Milledge, Reyes and a low-level prospect for Cabrera.

Milledge can play CF for them. Reyes can play second. Wright and Cabrera for the next 10 years.


Of course, i'm being facetious. I can't believe the Fish would get rid of THE best young player in baseball.

*I think any deal involving the Mets would need to include Milledge and Pelfrey to start.*
Yeah. Not this year...

I meant that literally and figuratively. Pelfrey can't be traded until January 2007 and by then, the Mets dire need for starting pitching will preclude them from including Pelfrey in a deal.

I don't expect the Marlins to trade Miggy within the division.

Good call on Pelfrey - I always assume that you can't trade a guy a year after the draft in June, but it's a year after signing. Good catch and good analysis as the resident Mets fan of MLBTR. Just curious though - given the entirely hypothetical choice between Cabrera and Wright, who would you take?

I'm a Phillies fan and as much as I'd love to see Cabrera in red pinstripes someday, I agree with you in that there is little to no chance Miguel is traded within the division. Guess my David Bell and Mike Lieberthal for Cabrera and Dontrelle package has little to no chance of happening then...

If Miggy gets traded at the age of 24, then Florida should be contracted. Plain and simple. Cabrera is the exact type of player that the Marlins should be going after and if they have to trade people at their first arbitration year, then it's time to either move or pack it in. You look at other teams that have been in the same situation as the Fish and they lock up their younger stars. Why don't they offer Cabrera a 5 year deal and then dish him if it isn't working out? They obvously cannot deal him for someone in the majors now, b/c they'll hit their arb years in 2 yrs and then will have to trade them. What a joke.

Move, or pack it in? Two of the hottest topics for both of the Marlin fans in South Florida.

The trade deadline would make the most sense for the Marlins to get rid of him. He just came off a great year and will probably not have the same stats this year because there is no one in the lineup around him. His value is incredibly high right now. If they lock him up with a long term contract for good money and he turns south, then a franchise with no budget has just wasted their money. Florida is no place for an uber-player right now, and that's what Miggy could turn into.

Not entirely impossible for Cabrera to be using Human Growth Hormone, which the league doesn't test for. Still, its a moot point. Even if he is on something, nothing is on the horizon to stop him from taking stuff.

"Just curious though - given the entirely hypothetical choice between Cabrera and Wright, who would you take?"

That's a difficult question to answer. Wright is a superb kid. You only need to hear his response after WFAN's (NY radio station) resident Met haters grill, "Didn't Guillermo Mota overpower you with some fastballs recently?" to understand he has a perfect personality for New York. Cabrera hasn't proven he can play in NYC.

Would I do the trade 1:1? I've heard Cabrera has a rather egocentric attitude, so that turns me off.

Just looking at their career numbers, Cabrera has a higher BA, but their contact rates are nearly identical (Wright 81% career/Cabrera 79%). The rest is a wash, really. Shea suppresses HR's by 15% and the difference is minimal anyway. RBI's are a function of opportunity.

Cabrera is a better player, but how much better? Cabrera's 2005 WARP was 8.7, while Wright's was 7.8.

Clearly, I want both! I've been a fan of Miggy's since he first came up and hit a bomb off Clemens after getting dusted. For a Clemens hater like myself, it was love at first sight.

i doubt they would deal cabrera before the deadline so it is hard to figure out which teams will be in the market for him. i kind of doubt the yankees will want to give up pitching prospects just to add another bat though. if he goes on the market i would expect the red sox to make a run at him.

I don't think trading Cabrera at the deadline would be as good as it is now. Waiting makes an injury chance possible. Everyone already knows that Cabrera is a great player. Also, his stats aren't going to be as good as they were. He has no protection and no one knows how the rookies will be. He may not even try as hard as he can because he knows they have no chance of winning anything. I say if the Marlins want to trade him, do it now.

On another point, it would be amazing if the Cubs could get him. They still have plenty of pitching prospects to give and some good postion players. Pie, Hill, Williams, and maybe a couple more should do it.

I read some posts about which teams would want him. I truly believe that pretty much all the teams that can afford to pay him will try to get him. Everyone wants a player with Cabrera's talent and his age. If the Marlins decide to trade him, they will get offers from everyother team in baseball, well maybe not the Royals or D-Rays.

*Another low-blow from Erik*

Maybe if the Marlins threw in Dontrelle Willis, they could get Aubrey Huff from the D-Rays!

Ahh... don't mind me. That Kazmir trade Duquette made is stuck in my craw.

How about this trade. The Red Sox offer Lester, Pedroia, and DelCarmen for Cabrera, giving the Marlins a good starter, reliever, and middle infielder. Then Boston ships Manny to the Angels for Figgins, Aybar, and Saunders

How about the Braves offer some of their good prospects for Cabrera. That is if he will go back to the outfield and play left field.

Can't see this happening, and if it doesn't it would absolutely have to include at least one true megaprospect. Who fits into that category? Liriano or Wood (probably 2 or 3 others too or are better than Wood, but they don't have the name value). Felix Rodriguez of course, but can't see Seattle doing that. Pie doesn't cut it, and neither does any Brewers prospect not named Fielder or Weeks. The Red Sox or Dodgers MIGHT have a chance to substitute quantity (Papelbon + Lester + Hansen, Billingsley + Guzman + LaRoche) for quality.

And about Hughes - I love him too, but as Yankee fan living in NYC, he's far from a household name. He won't cut it either, but Hughues + Cano + Wang + Duncan just might. The thing is, Cano and Wang will either improve this year (in which case it probably won't make sense for the Yankees), or they won't (in which case the Marlins shouldn't want them).

Erik - what was Wright's response to the WFAN question?

Lester, Pedroia, and DelCarmen for Cabrera is insane!

how about arroyo and a outfield prospect for him.
lester is being estimate to be a guy that can go to the HOF one day and Pedroia -delcarmen have some uside themselves.

"how about arroyo and a outfield prospect for him."

GMcK - how about you share some of the weed you're smoking!

When you're talking about a trade for a pre-arbitration eligible Cabrera, you START with your absolute best prospect. Then add to that. Then add to that.

And your "hall of famer" Lester can't stand up to _many_ other prospects who wouldn't be enough to get Cabrera.

I though Lester Pedroia and DelCarmen if anything wouldnt be enough you may have to swap Hansen for Delcarmen

Hamels, Golson, Garcia and Welison Baez for Cabrera

i think the asking price for cabrera will be too high for the red soxs independent of a separate deal to acquire prospects. they are not going to deal lester or pedroia. the two organizations still have bad blood over hansen so including him could cause more trouble than it would be worth. i do think the red soxs would consider moving manny somewhere and getting prospects in return to trade for cabrera but that seems like a longshot when considering salary etc. the key point in the whole price of cabrera debate is that the marlins might not have the upper hand they would appear to if they literally wont be able to pay him next year.

The buzz in Florida has been all offseason he would go. It was on radio shows and all kinds of stuff but everyone thought this firesale was to keep miggy. Wrong. The firesale is what we do, its also our attempt at moving the team which pisses me off. No doubt if they move Cabrera they will get their wish.

Anyways, the rumblings I've heard are Yankees (highly doubtful), Angels (who are the best chance b.c of their prospects) and Chicago...and not the Cubs, who's fans always think they will get someone. and im sure they would want another 2003 world champ marlin player. right guys? But the White Sox are actually one of the words and are one of the places Cabrera said he'd want to go. Guillen coached us in 2003 and he took fellow Venezuelan player Cabrera under his wing. Cabrera said guillen is his idol and wants to play for him again...I dont know much about the Sox farm system but i know Marlin fans who've heard this would like to go there or anahiem for prospects. One thing to not rule out...They probably wont trade him at all.

The angels could be a good one I feel like a package of Aybar, McPherson, and a good pitcher may be able to get it done. This is a trade they may do I know they hate trading prospects but they would be getting someone back who isnt much older then the prospects leaving and could slide right in to third base. Imagine a 3-4 of Cabrera and Vlad that would be nasty

I have heard and also thought the Sox had a chance at him because of his relationship with Ozzie.

I don't know if we have all the pieces for them though. I think we would need to move a lot of our farm and someone like Contreras, who would be in a highly populated Cuban area to pull off the deal.

Brandon Mccarthy will probably be our best chance at getting this done. I think it's a possiblity for the White Sox but I dont know if they are willing to do it.

If Ozzie has his way, and he should following last season, then whatever he says will go. If he wants Cabrera, the White Sox will get him at whatever cost. If he is unsure or doesnt, expect them to make an offer and let it sit, same as we did with tejada this offseason. A take it or leave it type deal.

I think it's funny that the Cubs are involved. They should check with Boston about Beckett if Prior is hurt again. Go Prior for Lowell and Beckett. Maybe see if Minnesota will trade them Castillo.

Go post Marlinsfan6

If they do trade Miggy, Dontrelle can't be far behind.

Anyone thinking the Angels will get him without trading Wood or Kendrick is smoking the same stuff as the guy who wanted to trade Bronson Arroyo for him.

Liriano and Kubel?

Haha...Lester for HOF before his MLB debut...OK dude...

"Haha...Lester for HOF before his MLB debut...OK dude..."

You're the one who threw the 'chum' in the water.

Bronson Arroyo and an outfield prospect for just Miguel Cabrera? You sure you the Marlins wouldn't throw in Dontrelle too?

I dont think the Red Sox will ever trade Papplebon or Lester or most any other top prospect theo love good young (cheap)players (Cabrera is young to but) It;s easier to find good hitting then it is to find good pitching
Then again I Would do that trade if we didnt win it all in 04 Go Red Sox!
Best defence in Baseball
Lowell will hit 30
Beckett will win 18

Did anyone hear about the Nationals calling the Red Sox about Clemenent/Arroyo and Wells(?) ????????????

For the Brewers...

Corey Hart, Yovani Gallardo, Jose Capellan, and Ryan Braun.

That's 4 real quality prospects, and Hart, whos major league ready, could take CF, and Capellan was a top 30 prospect in all of baseball last year and is ML ready too. Also, with the acquisition of Cabrera, Braun (the 5th overall pick last year) would become expendible, and he's got potential to put up numbers comperable to Cabrera someday anyway.

oh, and for that last trade we could throw Hernan Iribarren (top 15 2B prospect) in too...

"Erik - what was Wright's response to the WFAN question?"


Dodgers Offer
Broxton,Miller and Guzman

Miller is agreat LTY SP

Broxton a closer in the makeing

Guzman can play 3rd and take over

The Dodger could move LaRoche to 2nd

The Angels and Dodgers have great farm systems. Very few teams have several elite prospects.

"Dodgers Offer
Broxton,Miller and Guzman"

Um... try:

Chad Billingsley
Joel Guzman
Jonathan Broxton

You must remember, these are still prospects. Unless you are talking Felix Hernandez or Mark Prior, pitching prospects are extremely volatile.

I'm willing to bet my life that any trade with the Dodgers for Cabrera will start with Chad Billingsley. This is Pujols Jr. we're talking about...

I actually like the Dodgers chances.

Let's throw this out there too, then:

D-Backs trade Conor Jackson and Carlos Quentin for Miggy. How about him and Stephen Drew on the left side of that infield?

Tampa Bay. Instant credibility to an organization that has had none in its existence.

"D-Backs trade Conor Jackson and Carlos Quentin for Miggy. How about him and Stephen Drew on the left side of that infield?'

I want Quentin, Drew and Upton.

if you are Josh Byrnes, do we have a deal?

"Tampa Bay. Instant credibility to an organization that has had none in its existence."

Delmon Young, Joey Gathright and Chad Orvella. We have a deal?

Anybody thinking out there that the reason the White Sox haven't traded Contreras yet is b/c they are talking with the Marlins or hearing the same buzz we're speculating about? They wouldn't take Contreras b/c of the salary, but I'd be they're interested in McCarthy, who wouldn't cost nearly as much and would reduce the depth the White Sox have at pitcher if he were to go. Therefore, Contreras is "insurance" right now in case McCarthy is a bargaining chip in the Miggy deal. Don't know what the Sox would throw in on top of McCarthy, but it seems to make sense. Thoughts?

The point seems to be that if Florida dangles this guy, there's pretty much anyone they can get except maybe Delmon Young or Felix Hernandez. So they're probably going to head straight for the stacked farm systems (like either LA team) and avoid the relatively weaker ones (like NY, Boston, Chicago, or Philly)

The red sox have a solid farm system that blows the Yanks Cubs and Phills systems away:
and lets not mention thay traded away Marte,H.Ramirez,Shoppach and Anibal Sanchez
Dont compare the sox system to the yankees deepleted system

Boston is not a weak farm system they are top 10 and if florida does this they will probably ask for basically 3 of the teams top 5 prospects that means

Billingsley, Guzman and Broxton for the Dodgers

Kendrick Weaver and maybe Morales for the Angels

Lester Hansen and Pedroia for the Red Sox

Upton Quentin and maybe Santos from the Diamondbacks

Hughes, Duncan and Tabata from the yanks

The thing is most teams wouldnt be willing to offer all this because of the current push to build from within there is no way florida can get equal value for Cabrera. I say they keep them in revenue sharing alone they should have enough money to lock him up for 5 years or so. They get like 40 million in shared money be it general MLB money or revenue sharing

I would love to see Cabrera in a Sox uniform manning left field or third base for us for the future. How about a deal of Sweeney OF, Lance Broadway SP, Josh Fields 3B, and Brandon McCarthy? Then, if the Sox don't wanna keep Crede around after this season can play Cabrera at 3B and trade Crede for a LF or prospects.

Miguel Cabrera has the dubious distinction to be one of the only sub-25 superstars in the past 15 years not to be considered a franchise player. Unfortunately, he is playing for a fading organization that won't sign a long term deal, and would trade him for a price lower than what the Orioles were asking for Miggy. Here's a look at a few other young “franchise” players both past and present.

Albert Pujols:

He's the most obvious. Hell, the guy hit .300+ with 30+ HRs his rookie season. Pujols was locked up for around 7 seasons once he hit the majors and at the tender age of 26, has continued to produce at an astronomical rate. It is about 99% sure that AP isn’t going to leave St. Louis until the twilight of his career, if at all.

Alex Rodriguez:

A-Rod had a 7-8 year deal when he was 27, although was let go to free agency by the Mariners and traded by Texas for hack job Alfonso Soriano before he ever saw the $299 million reasons why he is the MVP of baseball. Of all of the "franchise" players, he is the most similar when you consider that he played for non-marquee teams for the first several years of his career.

Sammy Sosa:

That’s right, Sammy Sosa. He posted a 30-30 season in 1993 at the tender age of 24. While he flew under the radar until ’98, the year he and Big Mac went at it, the guy was definitely considered a franchise player by the Cubs. He hasn’t been with them his entire career, but 14 seasons (most of which he posted 30+ HRs) is enough to consider yourself ‘franchise material.’

I could go on and on with other players who were trademarks for ball clubs during the ‘90s and 2000’s, but that would defeat the point. What is the point? Well, almost every player (with a few notable exceptions) who has been on par with the success Cabrera has enjoyed at such a young age has been given the privilege of a long term deal and/or big money. Any organization who wouldn’t seize the opportunity to trade away their #1 prospect and a few PTBNLs to obtain him is a fool.

One more thought; it would be a much more likely scenario that the Marlins would float that Cabrera is on the block, and then let the bidding war begin. They would trade him eventually, but not before the price at auction had become your top #1-5 prospects and $30 million of Goerge Stienbrenner's money.

How about :

Marlins get- Kendrik, Morales, Horacio Rameriz, Kelly Johnson,Brayan Pena,Clint Sammons

Braves get-Willis, Figgins

Angels get- Cabrera,Scott Thorman,John Thomson

Braves could also send either Betimit or Orr to the Angels

the sox could trade MR to the Mets for top pospects and then flip them to the Marlins for Cabrera.

this way everybody gets what they want.
sox- get younger and replace mannies production.
Mets- get mannie for omars latin obsession.
marlins get top young player and avoid paying out the arse in arbitration.

Miggy wont get traded

I cannot see the Marlins trading Miguel unless they got a huge (I mean HUGE) bounty in return. Like some teams 3-4 top prospects.

Three team deal between the Red Sox Mets and Marlins.
Mets get Manny
Red Sox get Nady and Cabrera
Marlins get prospects and arroyo or clement (boston pays some of either starters salary)

Kyle $ that trade would never happen on the Marlins end. Unless those prospects names were Milledge, Lester, and Pelfrey and that some salary turned into all of it

Cabrera is a top 10 player in all of baseball and he is very young. To get him it will take 3 ELITE prospects

i saw sum1 say that the d-backs 3 best prospects are upton (agree), quentin (agree), and santos, santos isnt even on the team, and he sux!!!! it would be drew, nippret, montero, jackson, or young as their third best prospect and the d-backs have the best system in the league.oh, and they could get cabrera in a heartbeat!!

I was the one who said upton quentin and santos. Upton is there #1 Quentin is #4 and Santos is #11 I figured they could get away with the third prospect being a little lesser considering how good the first two are

thats great but santos isnt even on the damb team

Was he traded with the Vazquez deal???

If the Marlins are going to trade Cabrera, why bother asking for anyone in return?

Seriously, if you're not going to sign your homegrown, budding HOF, franchise superstar to a long-term, big money deal, would you ever sign anyone?

Let's say the Marlins get a couple of hot shot prospects in return. By the time they're ready to become regulars they'd just be flipped anyway.

If the Marlins move Cabrera they've made the move from MLB team to clearinghouse. They'll be the New Kansas City Royals (as in when they acted as a farm team for the Yankees in the 60's).

Rumor, through your sources have you heard anything that might confirm even the slightest attempt by the Marlins to move Cabrera?
At such a young age it seems like one of the worst ideas to trade a huge building block, no matter what his cost is. He'll be one of the few players actually worth whatever he makes for the next 5-8 years.

Nope, haven't heard from any source that he's on the block.

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