More Miscellaneous Rumors

Jim Bowden wants Nook Logan on his team…surprised?  I suppose fantasy leaguers should take note, as a full-time Logan could steal 35-40 bags.  And do nothing else whatsoever.

Melvin Mora is getting annoyed that the Orioles won’t give him a huge contract extension to compensate him for a string of very lucky high batting average seasons in 2003-04.  While a good third baseman, Mora is entering his age 34 season.  To be fair, he’s been underpaid for a while now, making $10.5MM over 2004-06.  If Mora settled for a mild raise to $12MM over the next three seasons, the Orioles could perhaps come out ahead.  More likely is that he’ll be traded in July.  Teams with questionable third base situations include the Tigers, White Sox, Twins, Phillies, and Giants.

The Phillies snagging David Dellucci and his $900K salary would obviously be a good thing.  He’d definitely be one of the best fourth outfielders in baseball.

Jose Guillen also wants the big money, and he at least has not turned 30 yet.  PECOTA suggests that a five-year contract for 2006-10 should value him at just $17MM, however.  How do you think Bowden feels about this?

Of course, there’s the usual Craig Wilson and John Thomson rumors floating around, including a swap for each other.  That particular deal doesn’t make much sense for Pittsburgh. Ultimately the Braves should be able to get a very useful reliever for Thomson.

Finally, I’m hearing that there’s a "pretty good chance" the Mets try to claim Tony Graffanino off waivers.


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