Unfounded Rumors

Just a few tidbits that are floating around today…

All sorts of emails about the Reds recently.  Everyone thinks they’re due for a trade, and I can’t disagree.  Unfortunately I’ve come up empty on any inside rumblings of a deal.  But take a look at this depth chart!  The team has three catchers and five middle infielders, but lacks a real first baseman and could use some relief help.  Something’s gotta give.  The Jays could probably spare a corner type, and the Twins could have some use for a middle infielder who can hit.  The Mets might not mind another second base option.

I’ve also heard that some Boston radio stations are tossing around a possible Red Sox proposal for Dontrelle Willis.  Apparently their package would start with Jon Lester.  I don’t know how much foundation this one has, so I’m just tossing it out there.   The D-Train has quieted March concerns by allowing just two earned runs in his first thirteen innings.  Of course, he doesn’t have a win to show for it yet.

Carlos Pena is still floating around unemployed, and Barry Zito is starting trade rumors with cab driversTom Powers thinks Torii Hunter will be dealt by August if the Twins aren’t in contention. I think the team will at least be within spitting distance of the playoffs this summer and Hunter will stay put

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