Tigers Give Larry Walker A Call

I don’t know about you, but I almost missed this interesting nugget buried amidst Lynn Henning’s Q&A about Bobby Abreu to the Tigers rumors.  According to Henning:

"Just because it made perfect sense for both parties, a call was placed last week with Larry Walker, the ex-Cardinals, Rockies and Expos star who would be precisely what the Tigers need down the stretch. He, of course, retired after last season, but he is only 39 and various aches and pains that helped bring about his retirement have all but vanished.

The question was whether a left-handed hitter of his prowess, with the ability to play outfield, first base, etc., might be interested in joining his old manager, Leyland, for a half-season playoff run?

Walker appreciated the inquiry but said he was happy in West Palm Beach, Fla. He also said he was not interested in a Roger Clemens-like "un-retirement," which is a response to be respected."

Unfortunately Walker didn’t leave much to the imagination about a possible comeback.  Walker is one of the few who managed to retire on top his game: .289/.384/.502 for the Cardinals in 315 ABs last year.  One of the best glazes of glory in recent memory: Will Clark, after his 2000 trade to the Cardinals.  Clark proceeded to hit .345/.426/.655 in 171 ABs and then retired.

I’d really love to see Walker step in, maybe do some DHing for Detroit.  His back and knee have got to be feeling better after the time off and he could be quite a weapon. Walker played for 18 seasons but never had the luxury of DHing regularly.

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