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Bobby Abreu Update

About 29 hours remain for GMs to get their deals done.  Plenty of new stuff popped up this morning, as many sportswriters were saving good stuff for the Sunday edition.

Let's start off with the Bobby Abreu saga. Late last night, we went to bed with Jayson Stark's update as the last word.  Seemed like talks between the Yankees and Phillies were in advanced stages, and that it would be Abreu, Cory Lidle, and all their salary for a couple of lower-grade prospects. 

The latest from Ken Rosenthal is that the Red Sox are getting into the game, trying to mess with the Yankees' stuff. 

Indeed, Abreu's agent has indicated that he will accept a trade to the Red Sox, Yankees, or Mets.  A deal to these teams would not require Abreu's 2008 option picked up.  Sam Borden's article goes back to Jon Lieber and Scott Proctor as part of this deal.  I think I read somewhere that the Phillies could consider Proctor as a starter next year.


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Bobby's in the starting lineup today, just an FYI

Bobby pulled from the starting lineup a few minutes ago. Hes gone.

ESPN News is reporting that a tentative agreement on this deal....

The deal is probably Abreu and Lidle for Henry, White and 1 other but it is not hughes, tabata, duncan or clippard.

great steal by cashman

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