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ESPN: White Sox Alfonso Soriano Trade?

Breaking news from ESPN is that the White Sox are "extremely close" to acquiring Alfonso Soriano.  It seems that Brandon McCarthy is the main piece of the deal.

The result would be a Murderer's Row with five players currently slugging .539 or better: Thome (.632), Dye (.620), Soriano (.594), Konerko (.555), and Crede (.539).  The Sox already lead baseball in home runs with 146.

What's more, ESPN also reports that Kenny Williams is looking to strengthen his bullpen by sending 23 year-old southpaw Double A starter Tyler Lumsden to the Royals for Mike MacDougal.  Lumsden isn't striking anyone out, but still has a 2.69 ERA for Birmingham.  He had elbow surgery in January of last year.

MacDougal has thrown four scoreless innings for the Royals since returning from a shoulder strain.  He was able to cut his walks to a reasonable level last year and had his best season.

UPDATE: MacDougal is a done deal.  Another pitcher was added to complete the trade.


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Im suprised Brian Anderson's name hasnt been in these talks yet.

being a sox fan, i dont wanna lose mccarthy, even for soriano, but if we have to, i hope they keep anderson in center, because i am officially sick of Podsednik, i dont think he does anything right anymore

"It seems that Brandon McCarthy is the main piece of the deal."

McCarthy is overrated, but he'll be a nice #3 starter for many years. Brandon will be helped immeasurably by RFK.

I meant to say, "immensely." Immeasurably? There is no such thing!

i hope you are right, i like brandon alot, i just hope if we get soriano that we can sign him. Then I might like it alot more, and MacDougal, if hes healthy, he could take McCarthy's spot in the bullpen.

according to freep.com Humberto Sanchez has been held out of the lineup for tonights start in aaa toledo. Dont get too excited yet chisox fans something may be in the works.

I like Humberto Sanchez more than I do McCarthy, but that's a trade the Tigers have to make.

from freep.com

Tigers prospect Humberto Sanchez will not start for Triple-A Toledo tonight against Durham because of a health reason, according to president and general manager Dave Dombrowski.

Still wouldn't be suprised to see a last ditch effort of desperation by the Tigers.

Or will they be satisfied with the bat of Young...

MacDougal to Sox for Lumsden and Cortez was it? Soriano next?

How many wins would Soriano actually add to the White Sox, because I think they might have to start praying that a couple of Tiger pitchers get Dusty Baker'd for them to jump back into the AL Central hunt. Or just settle for the Wild Card, assuming they can outlast the Twins.

Yea, i think the tigers have to make this deal to help there run support, because dmitri isnt gonna be enough to win a world series. Not only to help there team but to keep soriano away from the chi sox. I hope they get him being a tigers fan and all, but its starting to look like only one team will come out of the division and either the red sox or yanks will get the wild card.

Kenny Williams was on XM Satellite radio today, after the MacDougal deal was announced. He stated that he will not trade any major league pitching, and he specifically said that included McCarthy.

He did stop short of saying he wasn't doing any other deals.

Leaves me to believe that the Sox could still be after Soriano, but not if McCarthy was involved.

there is no such trade, Jim Bowden said he never even heard of this trade, on MLB.com

Wait a minute I thought Brandon McCarthy was supposed to be a very good prospect the White Sox wanted to keep around. I know my Braves will take that bullpen help.

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