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Reds Acquire Lohse, Cormier

Wayne Krivsky did some tinkering this morning, picking up Kyle Lohse and Rheal Cormier in separate trades.

Lohse, 27, was demoted on May 17th.  After four solid efforts in Rochester, he was recalled and used in middle relief.  Maybe, just maybe, he can get by as a fifth starter in the NL. 

The aggregate line of all the hitters Lohse has faced this year is .269/.334/.426 (.760 OPS).  In comparison, Bronson Arroyo's batters faced have managed an aggregate .756 OPS and Aaron Harang's competition is at .754.  So it's not like the NL Central is that much easier than the AL Central based on quality of batters faced.

Cormier has posted a 1.59 ERA and 1.18 WHIP this season in 34 innings for the Phils.  I'm surprised Krivsky didn't give up Homer Bailey to get him.  One note about Cormier is that he has not been used in high leverage situations this year.  Baseball Prospectus ranks him fifth in leverage on his own team.  Among pitchers who haven't started or closed this year, Scott Linebrink leads in leverage.  He's followed by Scot Shields, Kyle Farnsworth, Matt Wise, Duaner Sanchez, and Roberto Hernandez


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You're logic is flawed, if you think the competition in the AL Central (or the AL in general) is the same as in the NL Central.

It doesn't work to just say, well, they have the same OPS against, so they must the same level of competition.

Except in the NL Central they're not facing the pitching that the AL has this year. It's ridiculuous.

The AL beat the NL in interleague play 128-75. 26 games over .500. Even the Royals looked like they could play in that league.

As it is right now, there's just better teams in the AL right now. Not saying one of them will definitely win the Series, but the interleague record speaks volumes. Or you could just watch the pitchers from each league. The AL has many more starters with filthy stuff and stronger bullpens.

That's a big reason why Arroyo went from middling starter to ace once he got out of the AL East.

Difference between leagues is very, very overstated. AL has more good teams to be sure, but the difference is not as drastic as the interleague record indicates.

Doesn't hurt that you don't have to face the DH anymore, let alone the lineups featured by the Red Sox and the Yankees.

Comier is not too bad this year but will he hodl up down the stretch? Getting Lohse kinda scares me a little. I am not real thrilled with the pitchers we gave up to get these guys but at least we have them both for multiple years and are not just renting them. Reds need to win series or they are not going to hang on for the playoffs. Keep your fingers crossed Reds fans the bullpen is much improved but the starting pitching it seems to me needed a bigger boost than a possible number 5 as Lohse. I would have rather seen John Leber there or one of the Pirates starting pitchers.

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