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Royals Rumors: Ryan Shealy

According to my Royals source, Dayton Moore has finished evaluating his roster and the team is about to become quite active in the trade market.

You saw the Mark Redman rumor yesterday.  Today MLBTradeRumors has learned of a possible deal in the works between the Rockies and Royals.  The Rox are looking for relievers, and the Royals have Elmer Dessens and Jeremy Affeldt available.  Mike MacDougal also has a chance to be dealt.  The Royals would prefer to unload shortstop Angel Berroa and just one reliever to get first baseman Ryan Shealy.  That way other relievers could snag more value in separate deals.

Shealy has had all kinds of suitors over the last few months, and he is likely to be dealt for relief help this month. 


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The Royals will be the best job of John Scheurholtz. He has really taught Dayton Moore how to be a great GM and immediately Moore is making the moves that Royals management couldn't do since JS left. I really hope he succeeds with the Royals

The Royals are still a ways off from contention, but now, there is at least hope.

Moore brings to the royals the great strength of the braves, an overwhelming understanding of the farm. The royals are far off from contention, but if moore plays his cards right and builds up the farm it'll mean the AL Center will become an even more scary battleground it was already starting to look powerful.

Let me be the first to call Shea Hillenbrand to the Padres...

just a hunch.

unless you have extra info, my bet is the angels,

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