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Todd Walker To The Giants?

According to a source of Bleed Cubbie Blue, Todd Walker will be traded this month.  The source indicated that the Giants are the likely suitor and that they would use him at first base.

First base has been a black hole for San Francisco between Lance Niekro, Mark Sweeney, and a few others.  The average NL first baseman is hitting .284/.364/.500 this year, while the Giants have gotten .251/.310/.393 out of their first basemen.  You need a Lyle Overbay just to be average while the Giants have essentially been suffering through the offensive equivalent of Yuniesky Betancourt at first.

At .290/.361/.392, Walker still makes for a pretty lousy first baseman.  However, he is a career .437 slugger so maybe that'll pick up a bit.  The Giants are 2.5 games out in the NL West and 1.5 games out of the wild card.  The team will probably lose Jason Schmidt, Barry Bonds, and Moises Alou this offseason, so the time is now.  In it this deep, Brian Sabean needs to acquire Pat Burrell, Alfonso Soriano, or Carlos Lee if he wants to actually gain some ground in the next two months.  Adding Walker would just be an aesthetic change.


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I agree that Todd will be traded because the Cubs need a good 2 hole hitter with a high OBP. Who would the Cubs be looking at picking up for Todd?

I don't think they can get anything all to impressive in return...maybe a C level minor leaguer.

This could be happening soon. Niekro was just sent down to AAA.

After watching tonight's game, I can't imagine why ANY team would want Walker.

Tim, you have my condolences, the Cubs really stink.

As a cubs fan im one of the few that feel sorry for dusty baker. He was given a overpriced shitty ass team by jim hendry and now dusty is going to take the fall for it. I think hendry is the problem not dusty, if hendry rolls with the theory wood and prior will be healthy next year again im going to hire a ninja to take his ass out.

Overpriced and shitty? I'd just say injury-prone.

If Lee wasn't hurt and Ramirez and Pierre simply played at their averages, the offense would actually be pretty good.

Once you've got Wood and Prior, you know they're immensly talented, but when you see how injury-prone you are, what can you do? He strengthened the rotation with Maddux, and really improved the bullpen this year.

Maybe Dusty's not to blame for the problems of Wood and Prior, but Hendry certainly isn't. And when players suddenly have OPS hundreds of points lower than previous years, I think you have to blame the manager more than the GM.

Dusty insists on playing Neifi Perez, and is too reluctant to change closers (admittedly the contract given to Dempster was dumb).

Basically I guess I'm saying that if you had to blame anyone, it should be Dusty, but really they've just had a lot of bad luck.

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