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2007 MLB Free Agents: Jim Edmonds

Seems time to revisit the situation of St. Louis center field stalwart Jim Edmonds.  You may recall a month ago, when I remarked:

"Edmonds has a $10MM option for '07 with a $3MM buyout, so the Cards really just need to decide if Edmonds is worth $7MM in his age 37 season.  Baseball Prospectus says he is, even if he only gets 515 plate appearances as projected.  Even on the decline Edmonds is a powerful force in the lineup.  However, the Fielding Bible ranks him just 32nd out of 35 center fielders over the last three years.  They say that despite the excellent arm, he's "lost a step" and did not deserve his last two Gold Gloves.  Still seems wise for the Cards to keep him around if they can limit the years on the deal."

If Torii Hunter hits the market, he'd be the top free agent CF.  Otherwise, plenty of decent second tier options like Kenny Lofton, Dave Roberts, and Gary Matthews Jr. should be floating around.  Edmonds may be the best out there other than Hunter.  It would be silly for the Cardinals not to choose Edmonds's $3MM buyout over his $10MM option.  How many teams would turn down a chance to have Edmonds on a one-year, $7MM deal?  That's what Walt Jocketty faces.

Nonetheless, Edmonds is getting the vibe that the Cards will choose the buyout.  Who's Jocketty going to bring in instead?  Roberts or Lofton for a few million less?  Even on the decline, Edmonds can still contribute an .825 OPS for 130 games.  That's much better than the average NL CF, who has an OPS of .750 or so.


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How to win an undeserved Gold Glove:


He truly is no great center fielder(defensivly) but he wins these GG awards because he's is, as i sayit, a living highlight reel.

i was a fan of hollandsworth back when he was w/ the cubs.

hollandsworth was a piece of garbage! sure, he did have all those clutch pinch-hit home runs a couple years ago, but when he started, he was awful! struck out more than corey patterson--who at the time was bad. man i wish the cubs never gave him up.

-go cubs

Fuck jim edmonds. A few years back while in college I worked for a courrier company and at that job I picked up umpire equipment for the welke bros. Both of them said he is the biggest prick in all of baseball.

Jim Edmonds is a show boat. Plain and simple. He times the fly balls and then dives for them to make them look like great catches. Torii Hunter, Ken Griffey Jr. and Johnny Damon are all superbly better than him.

dont forget about andruw jones... hes better than all of them!

This is a perfect example of people looking at stats and not watching the games. Sure, Edmonds has lost a step, but if you think Edmonds is "no great centerfielder" you are crazy. Did you see the catch in Game 7 of the NLCS in 2003? Have you seen the catches this year (how about the over the shoulder in Houston on the hill). Bottom line, are there up and coming CF's out there that are passing him? Sure. Is he still a premier CF? Absolutely. If you think he just dives to make it look good, then you aren't paying attention.

Lastly, I hate these people who say that they talked to some guy who claims that a player is an ass. I never believe that crap...they probably wanted something from him and he said no, or maybe they are Cubs fans...who knows.

Also, one point no one has mentioned here. The fans, regardless of he's lost a step or not, LOVE JIM EDMONDS. They love him, because he's sacrificed his body countless times to make the big catch, and until this year was a clutch player for them. You reward players like that...you don't dump them because they are a year older. He should get one more year and retire a Cardinal.

one more thing...Ken Griffey is "superbly" better? PLEASE. Watch a game. Griffey can barely run anymore, let alone be a great CF. Just last night I watched him have ball after ball drop in front of him. At least Edmonds gives an effort. Plus, what's Griffey hitting this year...ah yes, .245 with a .300 OBP. WOW. Outta sight!!!
Sorry for the long posts...it just pisses me off when people look at a great player who plays hard and the fans love, and they are like, "oh him...he SUCKS. Total showboat." At least Edmonds has actually played some meaningful games in the last 5 years, while Griffey has been on the DL getting old.


Andrew Jones is Lazy. I saw him in the 2002 NLDS vs Cardinals and he went back really slow on a fly ball and it carried right over his glove. It was a play he easily could have made, and Edmonds would have made every time. Then what happend? The Braves lost the game and got SWEPT out of the playoffs.

Fellows please we all know Coco is the greatest center fielder *waits for the laughter to die down*

In all seriousness... Grady Sizemore. If I got a choice of any center fielder it would be him. Good bat, good speed, and the sheer will to prove he's better than what people initally thought of him.

Andruw Jones could be if he wanted to be, but he is lazy and plays uninspired most of the time. It seems like he used to take pride in the defensive side of things, but now all he cares about is hitting HR.

Grady Sizemore is good...I don't know how good his glove is (I never watch Indians games) but I'm sure it's decent.

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